Friday, April 27, 2007

Ahhhhhh, vacation

We are going to our favorite spot for a week, so no new posts for awhile. No wi-fi at our cabin, or our 'toaster' as they have been knicknamed in the area. Some peace and quiet, time to read, to do some scrappin', fish a little......... who knows. Mostly just to get away from work and de-stress a little.

More of Dylan's 3rd

Oh, Dylan! You've made it!

Looks like he's been practicing how many three is as he's showing grandpa how old he is now. His 'three' kind of looks like grandpa's right hand all the time tho with that pinky stuck in a curved position. Hopefully we'll get to really celebrate his and Raegan's birthday together with a trip to the Omaha zoo in May. Raegan's birthday is the 12th of May so it would make a great event to combine the two celebrations together. Nothing like a little sugar and zoo animals to keep a kid going, huh? (and grandma)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

3rd Birthday

Dylan's birthday is today - he's 3 now. Caught him in a quiet moment before leaving for work this morning.

Precious little boy.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My 50th Birthday

Most people would celebrate their birthday in a diferent fashion, but I had to take advantage of the warm weather even though the wind was obnoxious. The yard needed some TLC.

Watch out, she's got scissors!

Bill and Shawna went shopping so I got the kids for the morning while working in the yard. Our backdoor neighbors were out also building a new shed so Raegan and Dylan went to play with them and had a ball. But look what the two shoppers ended up bringing home! And just how long did it take them to put all those candles on it? I have to tell you tho that I had talked to Season the day before and she had two orders for cakes this weekend and said she wouldn't be making mine this year for lack of time. I was incredibly sad, as hers are the best cakes ever, AND the most beautiful! (Check out my 'Paper Trail' blog to get a small glimpse of what she has done in the past. I need to catch up putting her portfolio together for her. They are astounding cakes.) So Bill and Shawna felt sorry for me and bought a monster cake! It meant a lot. Silly me.

So back out shopping Bill and Shawna go, kids and I decide a little rest was in order. All of the sudden we heard a thud upstairs and I just knew it was Jack jumping down off of something. And yep, the kids and I found that he'd gotten on the table, impatient to get at the cake himself. Here he is with a black beard and the hunk of cake that should have made him sick. But thankfully it didn't. His name fits him. :)

When they were done shopping again, it was time to blow out some candles, and I was tired of working outside anyway. Raegan helped me try to blow out the Great Chicago fire on my cake!

Of course, Dylan had his cake after dinner and being the very neat child that he is, here's the aftermath of his experience! Looks rather scary, but he must have liked it a lot.

And here is Bill and Raegan enjoying the birthday present they got me for the back patio - a much needed bistro set since our other one was falling apart from use. Simply beautiful guys!

Season's day was busy with cakes, but she found the time to call and leave me a singing message and my friends Jeff & Sue stopped over to offer chocolate brownies and 'goop' (it's the best). It was a wonderful day and could NOT have asked for better!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

This one's for YOU, Carole!

This one is for YOU, Sister Sister!

Old Dog

This is the toy I got for my 4th birthday. The grandkids have dutifully dubbed him "Old Dog" and they know where he must sit at all times! He is the commander of the guest bedroom. He likes it there. He's old like me, and doesn't squeak anymore, but he's a keeper.

For my sibs.........

This was very difficult to do, it sat on my work table for over a week and this definitely was not the original design I intended. But my sis down south said it's okay, so I'll share. I trust her word. :)

This is just a scan of the photo mom had hanging in her room at the Villa and the broach is a photo of the real deal, which I look at and enjoy more often than you'd realize.

This is a beginning to a heritage album that I hope my own family will someday enjoy. Think I'll get it done in my lifetime? Boy, not at this rate! But I will try my best. Keep watching, there may be a photo of you all popping up on a page that you'd forgotten all about.

For mom and dad.......... I miss you.

Hunter's 4th Birthday Bash

Can you believe Hunter is 4 years old now? He had an exciting party with tons of people to help him celebrate his big day. I found Hunter in his room sad because he wanted to open presents "like I do at Christmas".
But once all the guests were fed some burgers and brats, it was time for Hunter to dig in and enjoy his gifts...................

Here he is getting his hermit crabs from grandma and grandpa. Well, what do you get a young man who has everything?

Here's the biggie of the night - Hunter's first 2-wheeler bicycle from his folks. Talk about a sweet bike, this guy is going to be riding in style.

And of course, no party is complete without the AWESOME cake! Of course, Season did this one up for him and it's spectacular!

Happy #4 Birthday, Hunter!
we love you

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Beauties

Raegan, Dylan and Shawna posing for an Easter photo shoot quick before church. Talk about a beautiful family. It was a cherished moment for me, too, that they came along to Easter service with me this morning. May God bless them all.

Scrappin' the Scrapkids

I just couldn't resist putting up a couple pages I did for my own scrapbook. (I have to keep up with my sister, you know, and she's the QUEEN of scrapping.) This is a spread done of two of the grandkids working on their own scrapbook pages. Kids and stickers, they go together way too naturally. We all had a ton of fun, and boy, were they proud!

Happy Birthday, Billy!

Here's the birthday cake Season made for Bill. We'll take her wedding cake leftovers ANY day! YUMMY. This is how she brought them on the tray, but it just didn't look right. This was the age we all WISHED he was, but the photo on the right is the real age he is celebrating this week. Abby bought him a singing purple frog that rapped 'Happy Birthday' and she drew him a card to match. We all enjoy her cakes so much that you can tell we couldn't even wait to try it before a good picture could be taken?

Easter Egg Hunt

Here's the grandkids waiting at the top of the stairs to come hunt for Easter candy hidden all over the basement. Looks like they were ready to find HUGE loot to me!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Story.........

A few summers ago I was able to plant my favorite tree, a willow, in the backyard. A willow tree of my own had been a dream of mine, reminding me of my childhood when I could see a row of them out my front picture window every day and of walking hand in hand with my dad alongside them on our way to church on Sundays. But at the time my own willow tree was to be planted, the main function was to eventually use it for privacy reasons. The landscaper and I talked at great length on where is should be placed. So we decided on a spot where sunshine and water would nurture it every day. There was only one drawback to the area - the whirlwinds that would come around the corner of the house and play havoc with it's pliable trunk and branches.
I quickly came to realize that just because the tree was much taller and bigger than I was, it was still so young in many ways. 'Willow' wouldn't give in to the elements that could have destroyed him. He learned to bend and not break; to sway and not crack; to hold on with his roots and not topple over. Our neighbors were worried he wouldn’t make it as they would see him bend over almost in half at times. It wasn't until the summer of ’05 that Willow became strong, thick with dark brown bark replacing the greenish-yellow of its youth. He became a steady tree, so full and lush with leaves. Willow had weathered those dark winter winds and summers of scorching heat with a strength that you could almost touch.
Willow has imitated his owner's life - me.
Soon after Willow came to live at my house, my only son, Tyler, was taken from me in a tragic accident. Ty would tease me about Willow and ask why I would want such a weak tree in my yard, warning me that the poor sapling would never make it where it was planted. So maybe Willow could feel there was a new challenge given to him, more than just his nature’s call.
So after losing Ty, I felt an overwhelming urgency to act strong and continue on no matter what, and found I was paralleling the life of young Willow. The winds of life were playing havoc with my heart and most heavily, my spirit. I merely existed, ending up bending and swaying with whatever blew in or around my life and accepting it all without as much as a thought about what was truly happening. I did not break, I did not crack….on the outside. But as time went on I felt weak in my spirit, lost my love of life, put aside my convictions, and yes just like Willow, the neighbors were afraid I would break from my personal storm.
As Willow had been placed in a new area, green and inexperienced in his new life - so had I. He had the basics of survival and so did I. But the turning point was when I saw him mature in his strength and prowess and realized he was telling me his facts of life; a life of strength, of beauty, of standing on firm ground and taking root in what is good and right. He found his way through all those difficult times to be strong. I have found my way through a sorrow that cannot be described to a strength I had not known before. He taught me to go deep, to look at Who made me and why, as he does. That there are reasons to be strong and go on with a life that will give my Master joy, as he does.
I have a true and steadfast friend in Willow. I know someday we must part, but the lessons he has taught my life and my heart will not be forgotten and I hope to teach or show others this: That there is Strength to be had, to be found, to accept and grab on to with both hands, and most importantly to live for. I am so thankful I’ve been reminded of the Living Water I need and the Son shine in my own life, in my core, in my roots.

My fave.........

This is my most favorite picture of my brother..............

.......... thought provoking and peaceful.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just a thought.........

I have no story to go with this picture. I just found it on my computer from last summer and it just says so much all by itself. Doesn't it just tell you to take a minute, step back and enjoy what's there in front of you, no matter how long or how short of a time it is?

Thankful Thoughts

Gratefulness in my heart
That a young life was spared yesterday
Black ice on a cold Nebraska highway
Could have meant the end of a vibrant life
A young woman, a wife and mom
Off on a delivery with many miles between
Cassie's life was spared when her truck and
Trailer hit the ice and rolled - over and over
Her children still have their mom and
Her husband - a wife
It's a day of celebration and thankfulness.

Cassie was a friend of Tyler's in their high school years. She is still dear to our hearts.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The 'Fat Man'

Dylan was having so much fun with the 'fat man' in front of Lincoln Station. He had a conversation with this sculpture and told the 'man' that he had a big nose! We had a big laugh about this one.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bengals Soccer Victory!

Here is the ending of a perfect game! Abby's team, the Bengals, won their first game with a BANG! Here she is at the end of the red team's line giving 'good games' to the opposing team. She did a super job and didn't touch the ball with her hands even once during the game. I think that's a pretty good start!

"Furry" Glasses

Here's Raegan watching Abby's first soccer game through 'grandpa vision', or as she told Bill, "Grandpa, your glasses are furry!" She's a kick.
Dave's in the background trying to look like Antonio Banderas! :)

The $200 Beach Bag

I know it's hard to believe, but this darned beach bag cost me $200 to make. Odd? Well, not really. I started sewing this out of a beach towel on my 30 year old Singer sewing machine when I broke the machine! After taking it in to see how much it would cost to repair, they said it would be over $200 and not worth it. I cried. Just ask Bill. So I had to go out and purchase a new machine for that same money. After weeks of just looking at the foreign machine in my home, I finally plugged it in and gave it a whirl this morning to finish this bag. It worked like a charm and has features the old one just didn't have. So here's celebrating the most expensive bag in my world. :)