Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Wanted to share a couple cutie patootie photos with you. This first one Raegan took of herself with my cell phone and this one actually worked, so had to download it. This was in the morning while we were fishing and of course, she was bored. Nice gum, kiddo. LOL

Second photo is of the girls swimming together - and had a WONDERFUL time together! Yep, this time I took the pic by myself on the cell phone. They aren't the best quality, but it still shows a lot of fun being had.
Side Note: The man in brown brought me the 2nd of the three parts coming to complete my 'project' for future publication. And OOOOOOOOOOOOO, was this the BEST package so far.

Prayers and a Messy House

No knitting. No cleaning. Grandkids here since Saturday but they are going home this morning. No time for an immaculate house right now.
Asking for prayers for DD#2 and for her to have a clear head in making decisions on her family situation.
Just pray. God knows the situation.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Dancin'

These two nuts will find any excuse to dance! Even at the zoo by the seal pool where they were playing some fun summer type music. :) I just can't take these two anywhere, can I? LOL

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Supplies Are Coming! The Supplies Are Coming!

I feel like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" when I read back the the title to this post, but I'm so excited! I received confirmations on shipments of supplies for the project I'll get to be doing for this publication deal that's been offered. Not only is the yarn high quality stuff, but they even agreed to send me my fave fabric for the lining!! OOOO, I can't wait for the man in brown to come next week and bring me these goodies!

Look at this incredible water lily fabric they are sending!!! Isn't it the best? And so fun! It will look awesome with the bamboo.

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Knitted Items

It's been a fairly productive week for me and Etsy since DH has been down with a serious cold. Total listed this week for sale is FIVE!!! I can't believe it! My sewing machine is getting cleared off slowly but surely of knitted pieces needing finishing. Think I'm down to two items and one about an inch from being off the needles and onto the sewing table.

So since the poor hub will probably be down with this cold all weekend, here's what I'd love to accomplish since I'll be on my own:

1. FARMER'S MARKET!!! YES!!!! I need to get down there and meet some local artisans I've met the past couple of weeks on the internet through the Lincoln Handmade Team.

2. Get a washcloth or two done for an employee who is moving into Lincoln as a house warming gift.

3. Finish the two items on sewing table and list in the store.

4. Find a good outlet for 7" zippers for new idea to put in the store. Any ideas for where I could find zippers at wholesale?

5. Actually do a proto-type (if not the real deal) for new idea. OK, that means I'll have to purchase at least one zipper at retail.

6. AND NOT CLEAN!!!!!! (I think that's the best one yet) giggle

Have a SUPER weekend, y'all!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Abandonment :)

I know, it's a bad title to this post, but one of my sisters is going on an extended RV trip with her hubby and pup and I won't get to see her as much on-line as normal. It will be a summer of withdrawal for me and I'm just TOTALLY jealous. (I learned the art of "laying guilt" from my mom) giggle You can all keep up with their eastern US travels on her blog, which she says she will update as often as possible. I know it's hard to fit that in when there is so much to see and experience, but we hope she keeps us up to the moment in their adventure. We only wish them safety, fun and a summer full of new memories.

With DH being sick, he pretty much stays to himself which leaves me to get some Etsy store items actually completed and listed. I got three more items up last night and hope to get a couple more done this evening. Actually fairly pleased with the outcome of some of the new things up for sale, and my mind is in overdrive once again with another new product to offer along with possible gift sets. Oh good grief, does my mind stop ever? Anyway, onward and upward we hope and pray. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Chillin' Sunday

Father's Day was pretty relaxed this year! After getting the house as immaculate as possible for the open house the realtor planned (and no one showed up for) we shoved off to our oldest daughter's home for some fun, sun, golf, and even some Guitar Hero! Here is DGD#1 who was showing off in their neighbor's pool. If you make the picture bigger by clicking on it, you can see the monster smile she has on her face!
DGS#1 played hard, but knows when a chaise lounge looks like a better plan. His neighbors have a Wii and he was really just biting at the bit to go in and play instead of being with us. I sure don't blame him!
Since the WWKiP day kinda was a bust for me this year I brought along my knitting knowing we'd probably be sitting outside most the afternoon. I gave it a shot, but to be honest it just felt weird and almost kind of rude with the little kids around. So there were 2 rows completed and then put away. Abby grabbed my camera and got the shot that Bill must see me sitting in 90% of the time - needles, yarn and a cable needle in my mouth. Precious, huh. Sheesh
You can probably see that there were no 'dads' to be found in these photos. That's because the men went golfing and got home just in time to see Tiger Woods' last shot of the day. Golfing is quite a challenge for DH yet, but was so grateful he was invited to go. Just doesn't know if the eyes are good enough to get back into really playing the game anymore. And we're talking about a guy here who golfed as much as possible back in the day. SO glad he gave it shot, and so is he.
After realizing how tired we REALLY were on the way home, we didn't even stop for dinner or pick anything up to eat. But we did watch the movie we'd rented and both made it through the whole thing without falling asleep. That just shows how good "The Bucket List" was. It would be a good one to actually own.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Stuff

Check out the store - there's three new items to look at. Didn't get near where I wanted to be at by this time today, but three is WAY better than none. :)

This last blankie was inspired by the one I made for my niece Kate's new baby, Diana.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Hurried Update!

OK, tomorrow is huge, can't blog. Shouldn't blog. No time for REAL to blog. So this is what, in a nutshell, is hopefully going to be completed this weekend for the store. Or maybe not. But anyway, Friday is absolutely chuck full of things to do. (I don't like not blogging) Here's a peek..... remember, things aren't completed so it's still a guessing game.

But first.......... THIS.........

..........the beauty after the storm last night. Incredible. OK, back to the store.....

This lace piece is from a pattern I dug up that is almost 100 years old! WOW! OK, at least this old gal was super excited. :)

OK, any guesses what all this will turn out to be?

No Worries

Even though I posted such horrid flooding photos last night, within an hour of the photos, all the water had receded and all was fine. No water in basement OR shop! Last time the shop flooded and now carpets need to be shampooed. Any volunteers? LOL

Off to the store this noon (lunch break) to find yarn that will suit the needs of Australia. I've demo-ed too many bright colors, so back to the drawing board with subtle tweeds. Keep your fingers crossed that I can find something suitable in the incredibly SMALL market we have locally. But who knows what I'll find - could be fun and interesting.

Any guesses on who this gal is? Yeah, not the blondie that we're used to seeing.

EDIT: This is what happens when your daughter's best friend is an aspiring model and they go off to other lands to experiment - drastically. She still has her daddy's eyes and heart to admire. What more could anyone want.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Storms Anyone?

With satellite out, nuttin' but radio and a camera to keep us company here are some photos we took not even 15 minutes ago out our front door. Pretty impressive, huh?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Group - Why Not?

I was contacted yesterday by Christy, a local knitting and paper artist, who I met through the local Lincoln Knitting Guild last year. She also has a store on Etsy. Christy has come up with a marvelous idea for promoting local Etsy store owners on the home front, a way to get Lincoln's own artisans and craftsman out and in public. Extremely glad she remembered me as I did not join the LKG this year so I don't attend the meetings.

She has started rounding us up in a Flickr group which is a great start. Posting ideas, goals, photos and such right on Flickr. Now I need to sit and think about designing again and goals. Yikes to the goals, but it will be good for me.

The group is called Lincoln Handmade - so here's another group you all need to watch out for. I've looked through some of the members' items so far and talk about creative! Everything from jewelry and art to knit and crochet items.

My goals this week as posted in the Flickr group: (help keep me honest out there)

The TygerLily says:
Goals: 1. Make list of places for DH to take photos of me Saturday for WWKIP Day to post somewhere later for comic relief. :)

2. Post 3-4 items in shop - a push for me to do finishing touches.

3. Start designing process for new purse.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Eye Problem Update

I could tell many of you were praying for Bill and his eye issues. Before visiting the doctor we had to have that serious conversation I'm sure many have had about all the "WHAT IF's" and the way we would handle them if they were negative. The doctor even remembered Bill after all this time as he was rather a rare specimen of eye issues before. After a regular type exam, well, regular for Bill's issues, it came out that meds was going to be the answer this time around. No surgeries, no shots or yags yet. We were elated to say the least! Within 12 hours of starting meds he was already getting a small bit of sight back. How about that!!! He actually went and played 9 holes of golf Saturday which he hasn't done in who knows how many years. Even though he didn't golf his best (duh) one of the gals on his foursome had never even been on a golf course before! But this was a very relaxed birthday bash tourney with a BBQ to follow (which I went to). He had a great time and after all this eye scare business, he certainly deserved a little fun.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


TGIS? Yep, thank goodness it's Saturday. NO work today, NO thinking today, just a day for hopefully some fun and relaxation.

Still waiting to hear from Australia in picking some colors I've presented. Thought I'd stick a photo in of what colors I have done. Just anxious to hear if they like any of 'em. :)

The pattern deal for the book publication is working out a bit sweeter than I'd ever hoped for as they are going to provide me with some VERY cool yarn I've never afforded before and they've allowed me to select a lining. And to be honest, that was the hardest part because the store they linked me to for selection had WAY too many pretty fabrics to offer. I must have spent over an hour looking through all the fabric. I could only narrow it down to about four and asked them to pick from those. Whew!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Prayers Please

Please keep Bill in your prayers. As many of you know, there is no more fixing the one eye and it's basically been a goner for the past eight years. After so much celebration 4 years ago at the 'good' eye being a surgical success, we are back to square one - cloudy vision in the repaired eye. I am hauling him back to the doctor this morning in hopes that what little sight he still has can be repaired, medicated, whatever. As anyone can imagine, he is so very frustrated, anxious and just plain ticked off - so he hasn't been in to work this week. He can't see what he's trying to sell and is having to ask everyone what things say and having me make decisions he wants and needs to do on quality. And obviously, he's not driving. I am the designated driver when he does need to go places.

This all still stems from RA, Uveitis/Iritis, and a botched vitrectomy on one eye at Mayo.

Wishing I didn't have to post such news, but he needs prayers and lots of them. We all need him to be functional in his job as it reflects everywhere else in his life.

Knitting notes:
1) Australia has gotten the proto-type I sent and it works for their size needs. Next will be decisions on the colors she wants to offer her customers.
2) Received the contract yesterday to have one of my bag patterns published in an upcoming pattern book about cables. Once I sign on the dotted line, they will get materials to me (horray I don't have to buy them). Still not going to tell you who it is tho. I'm going to keep that top secret till the book comes out, maybe. :)
So if any of you want some of my Etsy items, you better get them now before I get famous! ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Plain "Smile Worthy" Thought

Upon driving to work this morning, I tuned the radio to K-Love off the east coast. Jon and Sherry Rivers do a great morning show and they were talking about "Life of Faith" dolls, giving the product a super plug. It got me to remembering back in the early 80's when the kids were but wee things, and I'd designed soft sculpture dolls that we named "Prayer Pals". Having no way to market them, let alone the dollars to pattent them, they went to the wayside and eventually sold at a garage sale to pay the rent. It did my heart such good this morning to hear there is a doll out there, on the market, that encourages kids to take time and pray. Something I have removed myself from in the past few months. What a wonderful reminder that this is such a basic thing to keep in our lives.

Talk about a 'headbang' moment. But what a part of my life to remember, and the smiles it still is putting on my face this morning.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Haven't Totally Disappeared

Thank you to all you wonderful friends and family who read my blog and have expressed concern that I haven't blogged forever. I do apologize and one of these days I will get back into keeping everyone up to date. But for now, here's a recap:

1. House is getting no interest whatsoever. Quite disheartening.
2. Work is being: revamped, cleaned up in employee area, 2nd side to company finally getting designed and backed, and yes, very stressful.
3. Knitting has taken over every second of free time. An opportunity has presented itself to have one of my patterns included in an upcoming book publication. I don't feel at liberty to say who and what just in case it falls through, but I'm honored to have been approached. There are so many projects in mid-stage of knitting completion, and many are waiting to have the finishing sewing machine touches put to them. I actually sat and knitted a whole infant sweater this weekend, just not sewn together yet. Actually, I didn't feel well enough the whole weekend to do much else. The headaches have been getting a bit more frequent. You say stress, I say stress.
4. Not having the internet at home right now is good for getting other things done, but bad for listing new items in the store, let alone keeping up with all my wonderful friends and family.

I miss you all.