Friday, January 30, 2009

Moving Time

After 9 months on the market and many many MANY price reductions, the house has finally sold. Not for what we wanted nor needed, but it's an elephant off our back. The closing is already on the 20th of February and with the hours Bill and I work, this will be an interesting one to pull off.

We have a beautiful duplex to move to, further away from work for all of us, but it's something that just cannot be passed up. A friend and local builder has kept this open for us and is in move in condition. Only three years old and will also be perfect for just the two of us when Shawna and her kids get back on their feet and move out on their own again.

Any volunteers to help move? Yeah, that's what I thought. giggle

Thank you for all your prayers these last months....... they haven't gone unanswered.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

LCS Cheerleading Camp '09

A moment in time I missed out on in person (due to working - again), but thankfully Shawna was able to catch some of the camp and get a photo of Abby and Raegan at the annual LCS Cheerleading Camp! I guess they had a SUPER time and Abby even won an award in her age group! Hope to see more pictures from Abby's mom (hint hint).

Abby, who is 8 now, is on the left with the shorter dark hair. Raegan, 6 yrs old, is on the right with the blonde pony.