Wednesday, November 10, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

I hear him finally sleeping and undisturbed. He has slept so lightly the last 4 days and wakes to the slightest noise. So I will grab these few moments to tell his story.

My dear one only wanted to see a friend and shoot some pool on his way home from a practice session that ended early. All of which he did. One never knows though who you might meet while playing pool, hence the introduction of an anonymous pool player. After playing for an hour or two and visiting with his dear friend, he decides it's time to come home where he belongs. Anonymous pool player asks for a ride and after hearing the destination, my guy in his white hat knows it's on his way home and says, "Of course! No problem." One mile into the ride, it was lights out; cold cocked in the eye, wallet stolen, and woke up over two hours later in his car that had been parked at a closed gas station. Mind you, my man only has sight in one eye, and that was the one selected as the lights out switch. Keys were left in the car, briefcase still there, nothing else was gone except the money he had collected from working for the band. His kindness had turned into a nightmare for him.

How do people do this? What clicks in their heads to even have the thought come to them? Plus we are not that young anymore - why target an old guy?

I only write so facts be known. The world loves to embellish. But we have a God who loves us and he's taking care of things. We have been given the gift of choice; we are God's children, not his puppets. Wanted to say that because of all the "Why would God allow this to happen?" questions. This was the guy in the black hat's choice. And what we do with that happening and tragedy is OUR choice. And we choose to thank the Lord for my husband's life, family and close friends, the doctors, nurses and detectives.

We pray for the one who did this, as to what could be so awful in his own life that this was his choice. God knows. It is not for us to necessarily understand, and to be honest have been told not to even try.

We are still Bill & Karen, we are still the goofy couple with weird quirks. But nothing will hold us back from helping others or trying to do for those less fortunate. WE are fortunate, and blessed.


Tracey said...

I am shocked!!!!!
I can't imagine the horror!
I will be praying for you both and the perpetrator. What possesses a person to stoop that low??? It is sooo hard not to be angry and want revenge...especially when it's Bill. He is such a kind and wonderful man, just trying to help someone out.

Michele said...

I'm very sorry. :( How awful. I hope Bill makes a quick recovery, both physically and emotionally.

Julie said...

Wow I am so shocked about this! I didn't know what had happened. I am so thankful that Bill is okay! We find this kind of thing so much with our store... not to this extent but when you are kind you get stabbed in the back. God wants us to be kind and to help others but how far do you go? I guess that was a hard lesson learned.... don't give rides to strangers. I just shudder to think what could have happened. I am glad he is okay. Hugs to you both!