Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rainy Days and Thursdays? :)

Ah, the fall rains have come.
The cooler weather is here (for a bit anyway).
Hoping for a week of Indian Summer yet to hit.

Looking to take on another part time job and if this fantastic group will have me, I'm "In Like Flint" for them. It would involve some occasional road trips (short) and watching some very interesting things going on in courtroom situations. Since I am a Law & Order freak, I think I can behave in the courtroom and be a good representative of this group.

Asking for prayers that this is yet the best direction at this time for our family. It is a position that stems from a grant and only lasts one year. Timing seems to be right, just hoping I'm the person they might be looking for to fill the job.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Winds of Change

Knowing that we will be forced to move soon isn't the most settling thought in the world: boxes, throwing, recycling, lifting, cramming.........

I used to love rearranging, and experiencing things and places that were new and different. Trying one thing new every day. But after seven years of no rearranging, no moving and settling in, the thought of this kind of disruption in our lives after all the other ones the past 5 years is overwhelming - again.

I keep asking God what could possibly happen next? Where will He have us live? What is he preparing us for? There are good days, but honestly there have been days when even looking outside was more than I could handle. BUT........ I DO know that God has given me the tools to handle the things that come into my life. I just need to USE them - daily.

One of these days I will post some good stuff. :) I have a lot of things sitting on my sewing table again to get finishing touches made on. Opportunities are out there for future sales. Opportunities are happening at my day job. Great things are happening in my part time job, too. So with all these opportunities out there, I have to believe that SOMETHING will work if I just keep hanging in there and working hard.

May God bless each of you who have taken the time to stop and visit here.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yes, I'm Alive

I know I haven't been blogging too well lately, but life takes some weird avenues at times. With the house not selling or even getting looked at, it is close to the time of being forced into finding other living arrangements. Yes, that includes all five of us who share this roof. But even through all the sadness of saying goodbye to our present home, we know God has something else out there that will keep our heads dry and our bodies warm.

Not all is dismal in our lives tho. We have a great deal to be thankful for - here is a short list:

1. We are both still reasonably healthy and very able to work and be a productive part of the community.
2. Not everyone gets to have a couple of their grandchildren live under the same roof and see them almost every day.
3. Many blessings have come through my Etsy store. Some days I get very discouraged, but there are way more good things that have happened than not.
4. Being able to have one of my designs in a book publication this winter.
5. The opportunity to be one of the vendors at the Lux Center for the Arts during the holidays.
6. Being invited to be a part of the ARTitudes holiday show for charity.
7. Finding a part time job with Kingdom's Harvest International and working for three men who truly believe in what they are doing.
8. Knowing we are going to be grandparents again. :)
9. Good friends who love and support, and not judge.
10. My sisters, who have shown great love and support to us through this tough time. Never have we heard one judgemental word, only encouragement and 'virtual' hugs.

This photo is the most current I have of me, and only because I had to have one done for the Lux Center for publication of some kind. It will be interesting at best.

Please keep us in your prayers for direction and peace.