Friday, May 16, 2008

It's For Real

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Future Crochet Gal?

Every picture tells a story.
This sweet little blue-eyed blonde was able to spend the night at her grandma's house this weekend. Sunday morning was a tad boring for her since her grandparents have stored or gotten rid of so many pieces of junk, er a-hem, toys. So they all sat down to watch one of the Raiders of the Lost Ark movies and grandma picked up her crochet hook and started to work on a scarf. One should really think about what they're doing when a 'pushing 6 years old' girl is around and quite curious. "Grandma, I wanna do that, too!" Oh, boy. LOL So together they found a little bit of leftover yarn that was to her liking, and a big fat hook. Together, her and her granny made a very long chain. They measured her head, then did a little more of the chain, and measured some more. Finally it was the right length to fit around her head. So she got mommy involved, who hates needlework of any kind, and had her cut the bright pink yarn. After the knot was tied she put it on for modeling. It fit perfectly. And OH was she PROUD!
Fwamma (Dylan's pronunciation) was also proud and asked to take a picture of the little girl and her very first project. So young miss blue-eyes picked the spot for the picture to be taken, got Tyger to hold because she loves his blue eyes (along with asking four gazillion questions about why she had blue eyes) and hence the photo of a jammie clad happy camper, or should we say CROCHETER!
The End.....

And The Winner Is.........

Drum roll please...........

The Mother's Day Contest was won by KNITTED GEMS! Congratulations, Marie!

I know this was kind of a tough one, and everyone had great ideas and guesses, but no one got it exactly correct. So ALL the names went into the hat for the prize drawing. There were a couple guesses that came in by e-mail also, and those names got put in the hat, too. Great job everyone! And I sure had fun watching the guesses come in.

Here is the prize that Marie has won, along with showing what these vintage hankies will be used for..........

Yep, it's a book cover. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Rainy Saturday

Updates on the organized computer room/den/just hanging room. It may not look organized to you all, but it is! No toys, no projects laying out, all photos packed away..... blah blah blah.......

These blue semi-hexigons are a mystery for you to figure out what's going to happen to them when finished. I'll bet some of you can guess pretty good. :)

This cutie petutie lime green thing is going to be a light weight toddler sweater. I haven't even touched it for a couple of weeks and I'm almost up to the armpits for splitting fronts from back. I love the feel of this little thing.

And of course the purple shawl, which hasn't made it onto circs yet and it NEEDS to before I can go any further. Christmas you say? Yep, I think it's doable.

For the Amazement of Those Who Know Us

We're bare.................

Monday, May 05, 2008

Enter My Mother's Day Contest!

I have always been curious how blogging contests work, so I've decided to give one a try. So here goes and play fair!!! :)

Here's a photo of some fabulous treasures recovered within our home while destashing to sell the house. I'm absolutely positive most of you know what these are. There are plans for these beauties in my head. Can you guess what I'm planning to do with what's in the photo? Just leave a comment with your guess included. The contest will end Sunday, May 11th which is Mother's Day. Come on, try and win something for yourself, your mom, aunt, sister, daughter, even grandma!!! A handcrafted item made with something in the picture could be yours. Come on - give it a shot. (please keep comments clean - this is to be fun) In case of a tie, your screen names will be thrown in a real hat and a winner drawn by my DH.
Happy Mother's Day!!! (Hey, everyone has a mother)

Two New Items in Store

Finally!!! After SO many years of wanting to do this Bible cover, I got the chance to do it for the street team I'm on at Etsy. I know, I know, it's not knitted but there is another crocheter on the team and it was agreed via a virtual team meeting to allow these items in for our wedding items. YIPPPEEEEE!! I was going to put it in the store anyway, just not tag is as part of the group. Hey, June is coming! Know a bride that would like something like this? Just let me know! This was a blast to make, took forever with all the little flowers and pearls, but it came out exactly as I'd pictured it. Thanks for looking!
By the way, anyone need a pair of funky flip flops? :) Come on, you know you do.

My Case for Woody

Once upon a time, long long ago, a family brought home a new member of the family from the local Target store. He was pretty big for his age, but everyone fell in love with him from day one. The family named him "Woody". Woody stood about four foot tall, and was strong as an ox. He has withstood many house moves, temperatures and availability of light. No matter what happens around him, whether it be joy or mourning, he stands tall and true - never budging from his stance. Today he is over six foot tall and stronger than ever.
He has become one of the neverchanging aspects of OUR home.

Just wanted to tell a little story about a 20 or so year old tree plant we have in our home. DD#1 left a comment in a previous entry that she didn't see Woody where he belonged. She was right. The one thing that is always with DH & I is Woody. Imagine my shock and horror when I came home from work one day last week and something was odd in the house, VERY odd. But it didn't take long to see that my beloved Woody was missing. Being the calm and cool woman I am, HA, I immediately ran to find him, seeing that he had been placed in the covered porch. ARGHHHH!!! Woody could go into shock! He could get too cold! He could get too much sun! What was DH thinking doing this to dear Woody? Did he think we had to get rid of Woody, too? My mind was swirling. And the first words out of my mouth were, "What in the world are you doing to Woody?" After being assured he wasn't going to stay on the porch permanently, I calmed down - somewhat. Woody belongs in the house with ME. He's been kind of like a guardian of the home, he's always there, never moves. Do any of you have something in your home that just makes you FEEL it's home and it's where you are supposed to be? Well, Woody has done that for our family. It's silly to be so attached to a silly plant, but he has gone through so much with us all, put up with all our shananigans - but he still keeps on standing tall and strong.

There, DD#1, put your mind to ease. I have won this battle of Woody's placement and he WILL return to his rightful spot and go wherever we end up living - hopefully to welcome even the great-grandchildren some day.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Off to Australia

Finally, the Australian prototype cover is done and ready to ship out for approval. Figuring other country measurements and their 'regular' sizes was blocking my thinking for too long. So glad to have figured my way through it. I just didn't want to think that hard, but it wasn't awful. :) Now I just hope that it fits the A5 size notebooks in Aussie land. This TygerLily gets to see the other size of the world. Wish I could grab a ride along with it.
Holy dooley! (look it up)

More Listings, More SALES!

Talk about blessings, the Lord has certainly given more than what I'd ever expected this weekend. After working all day yesterday (yes, from 4am on) on TygerLily store things, my final check of e-mail last night before bed was notice of another sale!! Holy cow, talk about stoked. One buyer bought three items - and may God bless her for her generosity! Now that all the greeting cards are gone from the store, it means that as I clear out and straighten up my scrappin' area, more cards can then be created. And try again! Yep, my favorite leaf card is finally gone.

So as of this moment, four items have been newly listed and one re-listed this weekend, and I sold THREE older items in the store. Now that keeps me pumped up and God knew just when I needed that shot in the arm that all the work I put into these things isn't for naught.

I haven't even taken the time to watch one of those movies we rented yet!!! LOL

We are doing our own photos of the inside of the house today for the realtor. This way we can take a gazillion of them and she can pick and choose which are best for the realty website. Signing it all over to her tomorrow at 4:30 and the sign in the yard will finally be a reality. DH is also shampooing the carpets, or at least starting today. Amazing how only 4 years of carpet in the basement can add up to numerous areas of dirt. Can we say "Karen's coffee spots"? Yeah, that and a few others. :)

Anyway - here you can see that all of the "us" is out of the main area. :(

Weel, except for Jack & Winnie who got their mugs in the way by the sliding doors. :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Movie Time

I can't remember the last time we actually rented a movie or two, but I've been wanting to see a couple for awhile now and splurged today and rented some. So guess what I'm going to be doing while watching?????? You got it! I'm a-gunna knit! Duh
Here's what's on tap for my movie picks:
1. Sweeney Todd - A Tim Burton flick with OH YEAH Johnny Depp
2. I Am Legend - with Will Smith (I hear it's scarey so I'll just knit harder)
3. Enchanted - the chick flick that both DD's have said is very cute and a must see for me.
So see, I was nice and got 2 out of 3 that we will both watch. Just got a little selfish on the third one since I wake up too early when only infomercials are on. This will be a HUGE treat!!! And it's still cheaper to rent 3 movies than for DH & I to hit a theatre for one flick. No senior citizen discounts yet!!!!! LOL
I listed two more things in the store today. They aren't my favorite creations by a long shot, but they are completed and listed and OFF my plate. But I think I'll do another shamrock scarf in a kiddie version - bright color. Could be a lot of fun for some little person - or just plain fun for me. :)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Listed One, Sold One!

Yep, I should be on my way to work, but wanted to take a minute and show off the new item in my store. This goes with the EstyKnitters Team that I belong to, and the Wedding Challenge that is happening all of the month of May. My head is so full of ideas, just not time to actually make them happen. But here is attempt number one:

Then a wonderful lady who I'm getting to know in another group suprised me with a purchase from my store this morning. These make great bible study notebooks, so I'm told. :)

This weekend will be dedicated to "TygerLily" and the store. It's been a LONG time since I've been able to do that, and the time has come to get some things updated, listed, finished and hopefully SOLD!