Sunday, April 22, 2007

My 50th Birthday

Most people would celebrate their birthday in a diferent fashion, but I had to take advantage of the warm weather even though the wind was obnoxious. The yard needed some TLC.

Watch out, she's got scissors!

Bill and Shawna went shopping so I got the kids for the morning while working in the yard. Our backdoor neighbors were out also building a new shed so Raegan and Dylan went to play with them and had a ball. But look what the two shoppers ended up bringing home! And just how long did it take them to put all those candles on it? I have to tell you tho that I had talked to Season the day before and she had two orders for cakes this weekend and said she wouldn't be making mine this year for lack of time. I was incredibly sad, as hers are the best cakes ever, AND the most beautiful! (Check out my 'Paper Trail' blog to get a small glimpse of what she has done in the past. I need to catch up putting her portfolio together for her. They are astounding cakes.) So Bill and Shawna felt sorry for me and bought a monster cake! It meant a lot. Silly me.

So back out shopping Bill and Shawna go, kids and I decide a little rest was in order. All of the sudden we heard a thud upstairs and I just knew it was Jack jumping down off of something. And yep, the kids and I found that he'd gotten on the table, impatient to get at the cake himself. Here he is with a black beard and the hunk of cake that should have made him sick. But thankfully it didn't. His name fits him. :)

When they were done shopping again, it was time to blow out some candles, and I was tired of working outside anyway. Raegan helped me try to blow out the Great Chicago fire on my cake!

Of course, Dylan had his cake after dinner and being the very neat child that he is, here's the aftermath of his experience! Looks rather scary, but he must have liked it a lot.

And here is Bill and Raegan enjoying the birthday present they got me for the back patio - a much needed bistro set since our other one was falling apart from use. Simply beautiful guys!

Season's day was busy with cakes, but she found the time to call and leave me a singing message and my friends Jeff & Sue stopped over to offer chocolate brownies and 'goop' (it's the best). It was a wonderful day and could NOT have asked for better!

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