Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Ode to My Van

Today is the season finale of my van... It has gotten us through many tough spots and events, all beginning with my father-in-law's last days on earth. Hence.. my van story...

In November, 2003 we were on our way out of town to visit my FIL who was gravely ill. I proceeded to hit a deer on the way with my Ford, had the county sheriff come and pick us up, haul us into the next town where a dealership had a used van sitting and warming up for us to continue our journey. We ended up buying that van to use at our business for deliveries. We lost Bill's dad November 15th. Since we had the extra vehicle now, our son was going to buy the '67 Ford from us and wanted it repaired. The weekend he took it to be repaired, we lent him one of our vehicles. That was the weekend that Tyler was killed in an auto accident - just two weeks after losing Bill's dad. The van kept running tho, even though the poor thing was old and had nearly 200,000 miles on it. It was nice to have something that just kept on going, even when we had pretty much just stopped living. But times change, people heal and go on as best as they can. Vans have different stories. They can't last forever, even though you'd sure like for that to happen. Our van took us through the loss of many, and the loss of much. It stood by us through thick and thin, it let itself be made fun of and degraded, it always did it's job, it got old and rusty, but never wanted to give up - it was kind of like the story "The Giving Tree" only substitute my van for that dear tree.

He's off to maybe help some other of his kind work better, look better, feel better.... and to give other owners maybe some peace of mind at finding local parts.

I know, this all probably sounds pretty soppy and silly, but this van has seen a lot and been through even more. He's been our best friend through it all.

I will miss you - now it's time for you to go help others...........

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I have to say that almost 80% of this Mother's Day weekend was the best ever. Nothing is ever perfect, so I had to shave something off that 100% goal. But all in all, it was one of the best weekends I've been able to enjoy in a very long time.

I miss my dear little mother. Her last years were some of the most precious ones to me. I still strive (maybe a little obsessively) to please her, do what she would have expected of me, and love to think on her life as MY mother and be thankful for all she ever did for, and how much she loved me.

.... on the weekend note, I was able to finish a project all the way to the very end! Even got all the Snapfish photos in the mail Saturday so the scrapbook journal of my projects is done except for little captions. There are notes and cards stuck in this scrapbook, too. I love to see my friends' handwriting and re-read their wishes. It's a good chance to stop and pray for each one as I touch, open and read each one. I know I have notes and cards stashed in other places, and when those are located, they'll go in there, too.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Monday's out there in blog-land.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Psalm 45:6-7

With an endeavor to reconnect, get back to the basics of my life, I decided to pick up a study book, and told myself whichever one I find first, THAT is the one I will work on. Wasn't sure what I'd find since we moved and I had downsized my library by about 90%. Well, right there in a drawer I never open in my nightstand, was a Beth Moore "Stepping Up" study. Need I say more. A workbook and study in the Psalms. What a great place for me to start. In just the first 6 pages of reading and studying, I was overwhelmed at what I'd learned in such a short span.

For those of you who are feeling a little on the unconnected or disconnected side, do yourself a favor and read through Psalm 45:6-7 today. (That wasn't in the study, my Bible just fell open to that one this morning, and for good reason.)

So step up your life's journey soon, if not TODAY! There is peace to be found and enjoyed.

6-7 "Your throne is God's throne,
ever and always;
The scepter of your royal rule
measures right living.
You love the right
and hate the wrong.
And that is why God, your very own God,
poured fragrant oil on your head,
Marking you out as king
from among your dear companions." The Message

Friday, May 07, 2010

Life's Rollercoaster

Got to thinking today about the cycle of life; life's roller coaster; swinging door; or however you want to look at it. The perfect order of how things work always seems to amaze me.

It came to mind today as two co-workers were dealing with family things during the afternoon; one with a very ill grandfather who needed his family beside him, and another who was alerted her grandson may be born very soon which would call for family gathering also.

Life's passages. Where one life may end, another does begin. Each instance bearing great emotion, and in both there is great love.
There is celebration to beginnings and endings - if we LOOK for it. It's there. God doesn't leave us to deal with joy or grief alone.

It was such a great reminder that every day is a gift, whether it is the first OR possibly the last.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ever Just Sit Back?

Do any of you out there ever just sit back and contemplate what's happening around you? Your life, your circumstances, your family or why you look at things the way you do? If I could write everything that has passed through my head this week on this one post, I'm thinking it could be a mile long......

One of these days, my husband and I will have our lives back. Yes, that's a selfish thought, but we are on the back end of life and we truly wish we could just enjoy each other. One evening out this week, to a meaningful event, has only solidified our feelings.

Watching, watching, waiting, waiting.....

One day, and we pray soon, my true love will be out fishing again - enjoying his time and his friends and family; getting involved more deeply in the things he knows are important to his life. Along side that will be having a house back in order. A poor home, but one with heat, light, and creativity once again.

You know the term "letting the cat out of the bag"? On a different twist to the saying, we are the cats in that bag and when the day comes when we are released, I can only see light and joy; organization; our marriage taking the front seat again; priorities getting put back where they belong. It has been a long time. We are anxious for the next chapter in our lives to be written because we aren't ready for the epilogue yet.

The first steps have been taken.......