Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mary and Little Lamb

If you're a gal, you got one. That one person in your life that sticks by you through thick and thin, good and bad, and even when you behave or act horrifically. Yes, it's about my BFF.... my best friend forever, for live, for forever.

Meet Bearington Bear #2 in my series of introductions. Her name is "Mary and Little Lamb" (retired 2007). This little gal speaks so much to my heart. She represents my best friend, Susan. Not only does the innocent little animal she's holding represent her last name, but it represents what Sue did for me in my spiritual life.

Have any of you ever felt lost? Searching for something but couldn't figure it out or find it? Need something to feel at peace, loved, fulfilled? This is what Sue did for me. She picked me up like a lost sheep, and introduced me to Jesus. I had been that lost sheep that Miss Mary Bear is holding. She never lets go of that sheep either!

Do any of you have a friend that sticks so close to you and your heart, that even when you have to be away from each other you know they are right beside you in spirit and heart? That is what this woman is to me.

Sue was introduced to you in an earlier post describing the different meaning of the word 'sister'.

This kind of friendship? Priceless.

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