Friday, June 01, 2012

Wedding Rings

Strange title, but that's one of my goals - to be able to get my wedding rings back on my hand.

So here is my challenge and will need LOTS of support through the next 8 weeks.  This scares me to my very core, but it has to get done for many reasons.

Yeah, Maxine here says a lot.  I'm tired of how I look, and how I feel.  The fat is getting fatter, but my job will continue to be sitting behind a desk and computer all day.  Something needs to give.

Along with being behind a computer at work, I do a lot of that at home, too.  Playing games on Facebook and looking at as much inspiration as I can on Etsy, Pinterest and crafting sites just means I sit and let the fat roll on in at home, too.

But since I was on Facebook at just the right time, there was a post from an ex-coworker about her expanding her business and an opportunity to get healthy.   And I trust this woman.

After a long day of thinking and praying on this, and a great discussion with my husband after work, I've taken on her challenge and will meet up with her this Sunday to get the ball rolling in a positive and healthy direction.  Something that has weighed heavy on my mind for over a year, maybe more.

Starting Monday, with the help and support of you all (please), I will be taking on an 8 week body transformation/makeover challenge.  Yes, there could be a prize at the end of the challenge, but that's not the important part.  What's important is that hopefully she will transform my thinking and how I see myself along with getting me to a size and weight that my bones were MEANT to support.  It's hard looking in the mirror every morning and feel that depressing feeling of being overweight.

After making this decision, she called me on the phone and we had a wonderful little discussion.  She herself will be my personal trainer, to which I still tear up this morning with gratitude.  She is a wonderful Christian woman with a strength within her that is so admirable.  As I said before, I trust her.  God put her in my life for the short time we worked together for a reason.  I would never have guessed that THIS was why.  Isn't He wonderful?

I weighed myself last night and realized I'm the weight I was when pregnant with our first child.  That's obscene and ridiculous.  With Shawna (our daughter) getting married in July, I can only hope that she will be proud to have her mother in some photos looking healthier and getting fit.

Yes, I'm ashamed of what has become of me.  Let's pray Renee can lead me to a better life, in whatever way she has to do it.

God is good, He is faithful.  And Bill will now have to learn to cook a bit differently, but HE has taken on that challenge himself to get us in better health.

Will keep ya posted.............


Donna said...

That's AWESOME, Karen! You can do it. I'm pulling for you.

Karen Payzant said...

Thank you, Donna. This is going to be a very hard chapter in my life. Scared silly.

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