Friday, February 29, 2008

First Pattern SOLD!

I was pretty excited to see someone actually purchased the Wishbone pattern! One thing about this sale that doesn't surprise me though is that this gal lives in Italy! So none of my fellow Americans got the first pattern off the 'press' so to speak. I just thought that was interesting. :)
DH is still down with this horrid flu, and it has settled in his lungs. So no closing on the building today either which is a total bummer as we both wanted this under our belts and done. The lawyers and title people have been very generous so far with him being so sick.
Here's hoping all of you have a super weekend! Enjoy the wonderful weather, too. :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Contest For Me!

Ok, here's the scoop. After reading the fine print of the contest rules to enter my knitting design, and after a discussion with my advisor (DD#1), the decision was made not to enter my bag design into this contest. Why, you may ask? Because all rights to my design would have to be given over to the yarn company if I would win. Not that I would win mind you, but why take a chance. So after working hard on completing the project, writing the directions, BOTH are listed on Etsy now, the pattern and the high quality yarn item I knitted. Here are some shots of the finished product......

Monday, February 25, 2008

Check Out These Creations!!!

All of you who adore baby things like bags, totes, holders and accessories - all things beautifully coordinated and sewn - you MUST check out this site!!!
Tell her I sent you!

Some Accomplished, Some Still Just Sit

Some things completed.......

Season's birthday gift: Knitted bag lined with chambray and stuffed with handmade soaps.
It smelled REALLY good. I've had this done, but couldn't post it because she'd snoop it out on the blog and spoil her surprise. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Started and over halfway finished is the Needful Yarns knitting design contest entry. It's knitted and being blocked as you can see in the photo. Now all that's left is sewing it together and finding a FUN lining to go inside - maybe an orange batik? Hmmmmm

The directions are written, typed and saved to disk - that was my biggest hurdle in this whole process of getting an entry into the contest.
Here is a pair of baby booties I couldn't resist doing to put with Kate's baby shower gift. They came out so tiny that I don't know if ANY baby could wear them, but they were cute all the same. These are crocheted out of the Baby Teri to match the blankie.
And finally, the completed baby blanket for Kate. It came out very cool and will most definitely keep this pattern handy for other babes who come along.
Things not complete from list: No mockup for internet deal completed, no repairs done, and no brunch with friends as Bill came down with that nasty stuff that's going around on Sunday morning. So he pretty much stayed low all day and left me to do my thing. There just are not enough hours in the day, especially when we decided we needed to work at the shop on Saturday after all. THAT was not on my list. :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Have a Happy Weekend!

I hope you all have a great weekend as I have made myself a commitment to stay off the computer for 48 hours and get caught up on what I NEED to get caught up on.

1. Weave in ends of baby blanket that got blocked last night.
2. Finish extra little something I hope to put into the baby gift bag.
3. Finish up proto-type for a wonderful internet deal.
4. Ship out a repair I had to get done.
5. Attend a baby shower Sunday for DN.
6. Go to brunch Sunday with friends.
7. (secretly wish I were on that cruise with my sis and her DH)
8. Catch our daughter, whose birthday is today, at SOME point this weekend to give her a little gift. She's sounding swamped today with getting cake orders done and of course going on a date with her DH.
9. And Bill wants me to TRY and at least start my knitting contest entry. He truly believes I can have it completed and shipped off by the beginning of March. Does that man have faith in me or what? That's MY man!
10. Stay AWAY from the computer unless it is to crop photos. :)

I will see you all on Monday! I will miss seeing you, but you know I'll be checking up on YOU come Monday morning!

All who stop by have a SUPER weekend and stay safe and warm. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol Top 12 Girls

This was a close one last night and we can't decide on a favorite, so here's our top three picks for girls.........

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol Top 12 Guys - Jason Castro

Are any of you American Idol fans? We've been addicted for 7 years..... so here is our #1 pick (out of the 12) for now in the Season 7 'guy' arena........ (this may change as the season wears on)

Was this kid entertaining or WHAT? There were a close second to him, but for now we really like that Texas boy, Jason.

Girls are on tonight!!!

A Good Lesson

Just think about this for a bit.......... .................never ever give up!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is This Recipe ME?

Thanks to a blogging buddy, Marsha, I had to try to see what my recipe ended up being. I think it's pretty right on, what do you think?

The Recipe For Karen

3 parts Craftiness

2 parts Daring

1 part Laughter

Splash of Desire

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

Calls for Celebration - Yes, MORE!

Here's in celebration of...

......making marvelous headway on the baby shower gift for my DN this coming weekend. It is absolutely the cooooooshiest blankie ever. And again I'm so glad I didn't eBay this yarn away. Made of double stranded Red Heart Baby Teri in Lemon Ice (I think).
And THEN.............

...... celebrating a milestone coming in DD#1's life this week, I couldn't resist putting up one of my favorite pictures of her when she was a toddler. Little does she know that this puts a milestone in my own life.

And look at the little clone who is HER DD#1. This is a photo at about the same age as her mom's photo above. Did I mention, C L O N E???? DGD is now in 1st grade and not only looks like her mother, but acts like her, too. Good stuff.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Saturday Hyjinx

We were so blessed to have daughter #1 and her two kids come to the new shop on Saturday to help out a little bit and maybe even snag a little fun in here and there. Obviously Grandpa found time to give some rides on one of the carts...... Is that Abby getting ready to become a parade float queen? I think so! Hunter is waving, too, but I think he was more interested in not falling off the front of the cart.

A & H ham it up for me as grandpa gives them a ride on the forklife. Then Hunter got interested when they started to lift all the grocery store sign paper.......... Abby is still smiling for the camera. What a gal!
When they got done riding, all we could hear up front was Hunter shouting at the top of his voice, "Grandpa!!! That was AWESOME!!!!!" Oh, to be four years old again. Made our day. It was a fabulous day and through all the fun, we got a lot of work done, too.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nasty Weather & Feeling Guilty

First off, the weather is just plain crummy outside. It's cold, rainy and windy. Ugh

Second, feeling guilty because Bill told me to stay home today and get caught up on laundry and get a little more caught up in the knitting department. So he was off to work at 7 this morning. Two grandkids spent the night, but 'big fat fwampa' was gone before they rolled out of bed. I would have kept them longer had I known he wanted me to stay home. But plans do change, don't they. :)

My camera is at work. Bill is at work. I shall enjoy my coffee, yarn, and the smell of fabric softener today. Maybe even some L&O-CI????? I'm sure USA has some type of marathon going on.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Still Alive, Working & Kicking AND Knitting!

Yep, it's Saturday morning and we're still working.......... Not all bad, we are making great progress on the unpacking of the biz, but real production needs to get done, too. So here is a view from my desk as I'm working (ok, as I'm taking pictures and NOT working).......... You can't see him, but there is a pressman back there working in that bright lit area.
Some of you may recognize the double-sided tape gun sitting there, on top of a portion of the pocket folders that need to be assembled for Monday morning foiling on Big Heidi. Regular business got way too busy yesterday for me to finish the assembly of these, hence the Saturday work. Not a big deal, tho. You may ask yourself, "Why doesn't she have her staff do these?" Well, I don't because I do them faster than anyone on staff. Not bragging, just truthful, I've done the math. :)
Here sits my computer, tuned into Yahoo! Music Jukebox - ahhhhhh, smooth jazzzzzzzzzz......
Here sits my phone, my list of what I would like to accomplish today, and my most favorite license plate I ever got to have. To be honest, a BMW is not the best winter vehicle, but it was sure fun to own that old girl for awhile! And of course my photo of Tyler in Bill's robe when he was 3 years old and cuter than a bugs ear. Precious.
And here you see my stash of knock-off Jelly Bellies........... shhhhhhh :)
On the knitting front, I started a baby afghan for my neice last night in crochet. I thought it would be a better option to crochet since I'm on a time crunch to get this done. After working on it for an hour and a half, I felt so frustrated with it that it got thrown on the floor to be frogged at a later time. So as usual, at 1 in the morning I woke up and my brain was going wild with ideas, so to the internet I go and into my stash of yarn. (This happens a lot, don't worry) Found the perfect knitted baby blanket pattern (no time to make up my own this time) and absolutely the BEST yarn I could have imagined! Happy I didn't sell it on eBay because it was in line to go. It was a good reminder that babies happen and I still should be prepared for these occassions by keeping my baby yarn stash. So by the time we left for work this morning I think there's a good 5 inches done on the blanket and I'm loving it! It's absolutely going to be perfect and exactly what I want her to have. I will post pix at some point.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Praying for Patience

Praying for Patience

Yesterday was to the extreme.

Demands were high.

Frustration level at its peak.

Praying that God will grant me the patience needed to get through just this ONE day. One day.....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Starting Day #5

The man is obsessed. He left at 6 this morning to keep working on upgrades at the new shop. As I sit here in my robe, enjoying my internet groups and news at 7:30am, it is now time to haul myself out there, spin a cookie or two in the old shop with the van (I can dream, can't I?) and load up as much of Bill's office as I can. He finally admitted this morning he would appreciate me moving his office and computer.

For those of you who don't know the history of 'us' over the past four years, and wonder why I seem obsessed with blogging Bill's activities........ just know this is CELEBRATION blogging. This is singing for joy on my part that no matter what ever happens in our lives now, we have our real Bill back, better than ever, full of life and more motivated than we've ever seen him. Yes, more motivated than even his insurance years! "I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific!" Season will be thankful I spelled 'terrific' correctly and not how she said it as a 3 year old!

I am grateful for all of your prayers through these last few years. Onward and upward!

I SHALL knit tonight!!!! (Hope there's some L&O-CI on TV)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Four Days.... And Counting

I was thinking you all need an update on finishing up the fourth day of the move. I was able to move 90% of my office in only 2 loads by myself. It was rather cool to just drive into the old shop, back up the van to the office areas, and just LOAD! LOL I could have spun some cookies in there. Now how easy is that!
Anyway, I really wanted to show off all of Bill's hard work over the past few months. As one of our clients says, "Bill, you made a silk purse out of a sow's ear!"
Looking from Lisa's area to front foyer, through my office and to the shop area....
(don't look at the empty boxes)
Looking into Lisa's area.....

Here is my dismal office area.....



....and a view from my regular desk to my data desk.......

And the grand finale is Billy's office! We haven't moved his real stuff in here yet, but look at that old map that was left IN the wall! And he poly'd up all his walls and shelves - it is absolutely gorgeous.

Bill poured a little concrete to fix an area in the shop and he put mirrors up in all the bathrooms and is starting to lay vinyl in the girl's bathroom. We've been at it since 7 this morning, so it's time to call it a day and maybe even............ KNIT???????????? Who knows! Yeeee HAAAAA

Friday, February 08, 2008

Total Three Days Under Our Moving Belt

We have been so blessed........

1. No injuries in the move (to humans anyway)
2. Movers did an excellent job - both crews
3. Telephones only down for 3/4 of a work day
4. Hard working employees who really kicked it up a notch
5. Electricians had everything hooked up and ready by late afternoon today!!! That was a rough one, but they did great.
6. And to top it off, picked up the desktop for home that had to be repaired and they were able to retrieve all of our photos that were stored on it! Yes, I was overwhelmed and had to shed a tear of joy. Quite unexpected. Thank you to the Computer Magician! (also our new biz neighbor)

Tomorrow I will tackle my office, which hasn't been touched. I want to move my own computers, printers and files. I want to move Bill's computer myself also. Maybe Sunday will bring a shopping trip to Best Buy to find a good wireless internet deal so all three of the salesmen can utilize the 'waves'. :) Any suggestions?

All in all, moving is exhausting, but the upgrade in surroundings has been well worth the aches and pains. Onward and upward!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

One Day of Move Under Our Belts

With day one finished in the move, I must say that things went pretty good all in all. To move the three heavies and three of the heavy die drawers (I wasn't emptying those, would have been silly) it took right under six hours. The heavy movers were packed up and gone by 7pm. All they need to do is level the big boys this morning and that isn't going to take them very long. Big Heidi got injured tho, but thankfully that's why movers have insurance. Since she's been through WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War and Desert Storm, she took it pretty well and knew that a welder would have her fixed in no time. She just wants to get back to work! And she loves her new room.
Today another group of movers will take the so called 'lighter' things, and that totals eight pieces. Everyone is busy busy busy, as I should be. So farewell to you all for now - updates to come.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HOLY COW!!!! and YIKES!!!!

I'd forgotten how emotional this gets for me when the actual heavy part of this move happens. It's been over 13 years, I'd forgotten. This is when I feel the tears rearing their ugly head and I have to stifle them. Can't let the troups see emotion, other than excitement. Sometimes it's just not so cool to have female genes. Here's an early afternoon update on our big baby's move - she's a whopping 5,000 pounds of sturdy love. But Big Heidi (Heidelberg) is the one that makes all the products stand out and be noticed and she never ever breaks down.

Bill is standing to the left - observing..........

Bill to left again, still observing..............

Thank goodness for people who specialize in this type of move.

Little Heidi goes today, too. She works hard making things pretty, too. (But not as pretty as her big sister does, but don't tell her that because she doesn't ever break down either.)

The big format one-color goes today, too. He weighs over two ton also and needs special attention from this special crew of men.

A Day in History

Today would have been mom and dad's anniversary.
Married in 1939

Snow Update

It's pretty white around here, but so glad we had just snow and not the horrible tornadoes the south endured. Weather this winter has just been so very odd, for everyone.

Moving updates.... heavy movers have had postponements/cancellations due to weather, so we will be talking to them this morning as they are itching to pay their workers to work, not stand around looking handsome. LOL I understand that theory. So we will keep you updated on whether or not things will speed up around here with the heavy stuff or not. Employees aren't going to be happy, but I'm not here to make them happy or comfortable this week. OOOOOO, did Karen just get bossy there? Moving is never fun, so we just have to make the best of what opportunities this weather may be presenting to us. Bad for some, but may be awesome for our move.

Negotiations have started now for real with my notebooks. Price has been agreed on, colors will be great, and I get to keep my brand on them. Now what could be better than that?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday SNOW!

Thank goodness the phones are not moving today. Windstream decided that they couldn't have people to do the 'work' till Friday. Which means I can eBay more from HERE, get more cleaned up HERE, have some fun with Shawna working for me HERE today. But just look what we are being blessed with for weather today!

I also have started negotiations with an internet dealer who wants to carry some of my notebook covers. So anxious to get that all started and get progress made.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Manic Monday

After working all weekend, some of it with the help of Shawna, the old bod seems to not be 21 anymore! HA! I have made great progress over at the old shop, while Bill has made leaps and bounds in progress at the new shop. There is still so much to do, AND keep up with production knowing we will be powerless to complete anything during the actual heavy duty move.

I put 3 more notebooks up on Etsy - please check them out. I haven't done any purses lately as it seems to be a winter item and until I can come up with a good summer idea, that will probably hault for now. Still working on getting the bags into retail on the east coast tho. Not giving up on that opportunity! If that comes about, then I'll be back at the bags hard and heavy.

Dear Shawna will be back tomorrow to help move some more, even tho it is her day off at daycare. What a trooper she is. Season works too many jobs the way it is, so I will leave her alone. :) What's up with my daughters anyway? Don't they know what a day OFF means? God bless them both.

Yep, watched the Super Bowl up till after half-time, then I nodded off and missed the rest. Happy I made it through to see Tom Petty though. We really enjoyed his performance!

We have found a great deal on some used desks so I don't have to move the behemoths from here. I'm sure that MADD Dads will appreciate a few extra desks for their operation coming in here. Now all our things will match in every office and with bigger desks, that means I can hide more IN my desk instead of sitting on top of it all the time! HA I will post pix once we get in there and will also post some before photos too, just so you can all see the work and elbow grease that's been put into it all.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Attention All Scrapbookers!!!

All you who want some GREAT DEALS on paper and envelopes for making greeting cards or working and updating your scrapbooks, check out my EBay listings after today. There are some great deals to be had for sure!!!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Wear Red Today for Women's Heart Disease Awareness

Today, February 1st, is Wear RED Day for Women's Heart Disease Awareness. So all you out there who have known, or know a woman who has suffered from this, JOIN IN!
There is a Yahoo group that knits red for heart disease (yes, I belong) and a Ravelry group for knitting red (yes, I belong to that too). Please check them out!