Saturday, October 04, 2008

Are you all ready for THIS?

OK, I know it's been since Sept. 11th since the last post, but honestly, there has been SO many things going on and it just didn't feel right dragging everyone along with us on this ride.

So here are the updates as of today: (and don't be shocked)

1. Haven't had Internet at the house for over a month, too expensive. Found a plan through my cell phone company for almost half the price of what we had before! That's a big WOOO HOOO!

2. Decided to close our business doors. Cleaning up jobs that we know will pay and then shut them thar doors. It's over. Now that's a big WHEW!

3. I have been offered a full time job WITH benefits at a Lincoln based optimology group working in their business finance department. I start the 14th of October! Yet another WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!

4. Bill has been offered a couple of jobs, thought about brokering out printing, too. BUT after weighing all the pros and cons, we think we've come to a decision for him to be a salesman for a local print shop who is NOT struggling, 'cuz they are bigger than we ever thought of being. He will be SUCH an asset to them and they are excited to have him on board. No more headaches with our own machinery or employee attitudes. Now how's THAT for a super duper YEEEEEE HAAAAAA!!!!!!

5. Our DD#2 has made an appointment (finally) with an attorney to get divorce proceedings underway. She is so happy, so lively, just a different woman. We pray that God will just keep helping her be strong for herself and those precious little ones of hers. PRAISE GOD!

6. House isn't selling, but we are able to stay a little bit longer in it than we had anticipated. We are thankful since we thought the biz and the house were going to have to go at the same time. Thank goodness we are only having to deal with one at a time now. HALLELUJAH!!!

7. So grateful for the friends and family that have been so strong for us during this distressing time. The phone calls, the cards, the emails have all been SO comforting to us. THANK YOU!

There really is so much more, but you all deserved an explanation for my lengthy absence on the blog and on the internet.

Thank you ALL for your continued prayers and support. BLESSINGS!


Donna said...

You are all taking steps to move forward and that's gotta feel GREAT! Hang in there! We love you.

Marsha said...

Well my that's a blog full just with that one posting. I'm so glad things are working out and going in the right directions. YippeeYaaaHooo!

Missionary Benedictine Sisters said...

You are headed in a good and wonderful direction, with God as the DRIVER. Just BE in His hands and all will be well. I sure do pray for you.