Sunday, January 11, 2009

LCS Cheerleading Camp '09

A moment in time I missed out on in person (due to working - again), but thankfully Shawna was able to catch some of the camp and get a photo of Abby and Raegan at the annual LCS Cheerleading Camp! I guess they had a SUPER time and Abby even won an award in her age group! Hope to see more pictures from Abby's mom (hint hint).

Abby, who is 8 now, is on the left with the shorter dark hair. Raegan, 6 yrs old, is on the right with the blonde pony.


Jane said...

Cute! My DD coaches 7,8 & 9 year-old pee wee cheerleading, including my granddaughter. They are 'performing' for their parents and relatives this week so I'll have some pictures to share too.

Season said...

I already have them all developed and in an envelope for you and Shawna. I'm working at getting the video copied. For some reason I'm having trouble with that! Hee Hee!