Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Gift with "C"haracter

With my working and crafting so much on the TygerLily side of me, there hasn't been much time to blog about much of anything.

But yesterday we spent some wonderful Christmas time with our own kids and grandkids. And every year the adults do a Hy-Vee Paper Bag Secret Santa exchange. Every gift must fit in a Hy-Vee paper bag, one to two pieces of tape to hold it closed at the top. Every gift must 'look' the same. As we arrive to the party, our oldest granddaughter Abby grabs each bag and then writes the name of the receiver on the front and then hides the bag. Abby totally controls it from then on, and she does a marvelous job. So when it's time for some adult fun, we gather around a table, Abby presents us with our Hy-Vee bags and then the rest of us have to guess who everyone's Secret Santa is! This year was incredibly HARD!!!!!! Plus there's that $60 bonus for the winner sitting in the middle of the table - and who couldn't use $60? But for the first time (I believe) our oldest daughter, Season, won with guessing 4 out of 6 correct. Bill and I did poorly with only 2 guesses right.

But I wanted to show you what my own Secret Santa got me, which totally threw everyone in the mix completely off.
Is this not the most charming and fun gift yet? Yes, Season had my name and this is what she she picked for me. It's very tall! She said that even though it was the letter "C" glass and my name didn't start with "C", she picked it because of the words ON the glass that started with the letter "C". She honored me by saying the words described me and what she thought of me. Now THAT'S a present I will treasure the rest of my life. And it's just plain FUN!

Thank you to my gorgeous and giving family - each and every one of you has such a special place in my heart, mind AND spirit. I adore gifts that come from the heart and this Christmas was one of those types of holidays. Perfect and memorable.

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