Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Champagne Dreams on a Beer Budget

Have you ever experienced a time when you know you're reaching a milestone and want to celebrate it like there was no tomorrow, and then realizing that your champagne dreams just don't add up to your beer checking account?

Bill and I have been trying to figure out how to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary this coming August. We've thought of re-visiting our honeymoon trip, trying to see everything we saw then. But that was a long time ago when we had more energy than we knew what to do with. So that idea sat on the stove for a month or so cooking and stewing. But the other night, Bill looked at me and said, "If I could, I would take you to Paris for our anniversary." WHAT? We are blessed to be able to afford gas to drive to and from work, but Paris? But it was exactly the spark that was needed to the following conversation that led to us deciding on a trip that was just screaming our names: Nebraska. The state we were born and raised. The state we love, and we really wanted to see more of it and enjoy more of its history, quirkiness, and of course its beauty. Oh, yes, Nebraska is beautiful - it's "The Good Life".

Visit Nebraska
was a good starting place to plan. We are also going to get our Nebraska Passport to collect points on our trip to redeem for prizes and get into a drawing for a grand prize in October.

So over the next three months, I will try and let my blog friends know what's in the works, the little side trips taken before the BIG trip happens in August. I want you all to enjoy Nebraska and it's offerings right along with us.

So our champagne dream (of Paris) on a beer budget (our own back yard) will be coming to you very soon - so keep watch and ride along with us for some history, beauty, and of course humor for those of you who know us. :)


Donna said...

I can't wait to see all you have to share. Really looking forward to it. Is there a Paris, Nebraska?

Bob said...

There's a Paris, Texas, and a Perris, Caleefornia. Skip the one in TX.