Sunday, April 14, 2013

Simplify: Chapter 56A, Page 1

It's been nearly a year since my last blog.  Sounds kind of like going to confession in the Catholic church a bit.  But life is ever changing, and this chapter has opened with getting back to the basics:  Faith, Family, Friends, and Simplicity.

There has been no need for crafting, or achieving some new 'design' to brag about.  That's not where my spirit is in the beginning of Chapter 56.  I've done all that, and if the good Lord wants that part put back into my life again, so be it.  I certainly have the tools and supplies to handcraft numerous items.  :)  So if some of you follow there won't be much action over there (so no link is included).  I'm letting that part of life go for now.

With becoming a techno geek(ish) gal, loving all there is to the iPad and Galaxy we've been blessed with, it still doesn't meet the inner need for pen, paper, pencils and highlighters....  So.....

I've challenged myself with getting back to the basics of organization, keeping things simple, and being of service when the occasion arises.  This will be a LONG process, as even though we live in a small duplex, there is a lot to organize and let go of.  There is an organizer/planner out there called the "7 Minute Life Daily Planner" from The Seven Minute Difference.  It is only big enough for a 3-month span of time, or one quarter of a year.  Most businesses run this way, so why not give my own life this small increment of time to achieve some goals that MEAN something.  Not necessarily monetary goals, but ones that come from my heart, of who I am and where God would lead.  There are parts of this planner that I probably won't use due to the structure already put in place at work, and with my position.  But these can be tweaked into the values I want to incorporate.  The "5 before 11" section is where your top 5 priorities of the day should go:  get them all done before 11:00 am.  I'm replacing those with the 5 things I'm most grateful for during that day.  So the 11:00 am turns into an 11:00 pm.  It's also going to help me watch what I'm eating, and helping me to remember to DRINK MORE WATER!  That is not always an easy task at work.  But it's important.

So Chapter 56A will run for the next 90 days.

There is also a lovely church that has come into our lives, even though we have had so many discussions on whether an actual 'church' for us was needed.  It's never easy to get connected, that takes time.  But the pastor there is very passionate.  What more can you want from a leader, right?  So if you see me over on Facebook, you may see check-ins at North Pointe Community Church every other Sunday or so.  With new beginnings, you have to start somewhere and give it an honest try.

You may have noticed that I said every OTHER Sunday for church attendance.  That is because on the other two Sundays, I get to put some volunteer time over at Tabitha in their gift shop, which Facebook allows me to 'check in' at also.  What lovely residents I have met and visited with there.  It's good to hear the joys and the sorrows of the residents that come and see me.  It has taught me people need people, and with that comes patience.

I hope that this hasn't all been too boring, but when you take each day as it comes and find the beauty and simplicity of what is around, I'm hoping that there will be inspiration for some of you to find where your passion is.  And put it use!  We've all been given talents and gifts - it would be selfish to hang on to those and not share with others.

It's not 11:00 pm yet, but there are two things that will be written in my "5 Before 11" spot today (remember, I'm switching it from morning to-do's to evening thank-you's):

1.  Leftover morning coffee, poured over ice and blended with ColdStone Vanilla Coffee flavoring to enjoy after church.
2.  Income taxes all signed, sealed, paid, and driven to the post office personally.

Who knows what 3, 4 and 5 will be!  The day is young, and I'm leaning towards being grateful for a husband who keeps the tradition of cooking chicken on Sunday's alive and well.  The house smells divine.

Please feel free to leave feedback and ideas - I'm always curious as to what other people have found to work for their lives to keep them content, focused, but most of all passionate about what's in the soul and spirit.

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