Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lack of Photos Tuesday

You all know I love to blog, but there hasn't been much this past week but work, and more work. I have 'vacation' dangling in front of my nose like a carrot next week, and the move to the new shop is getting closer to happening every day. My right hand gal is on vacation this week and Bill is working hard on the other building, so duties at the office will be triple this week. And that's FINE! It forces me to be more organized so that next week will run smoother for everyone else around the shop. We are still waiting for the roof repairs to be done at the other building along with new heating and air. Major projects. I do have a wonderful picture of Bill after a full day of painting ceilings yesterday I'll get up here at some point. He looked like a ghost, right out of "A Christmas Carol". We had a good chuckle.

I worked both days this past weekend, but still found some time to get my homework almost done and knit a little. I have photos of a couple more dishcloths for you, Carole, (well, one you can't have because it says YARN HO) and an update on the shawl which has been more rewarding than any other project I think I've done. I also was given an idea (maybe done already but I don't care) yesterday on my way to work for a unique kind of greeting card. It will take some work and time, but I'm thinking it could work somewhere in the local marketplace. Will take supplies along on vacation to work on ideas while I look out onto the lake from the best spot I can imagine. Looking forward to some down time, and some recouping time.

Hoping and praying you are all doing good, traveling safely and enjoying life.

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