Friday, September 14, 2007

Long Weekend and Vacation

I won't be blogging for awhile since this weekend is packed full and then we leave for vacation Sunday morning for a week. But just so you know what we're up to:

1. Company coming from Chicago for the weekend - arriving tonight. THEN all the Canadian fishing trip guys and gals will be over for a fishfry. They call themselves "The Planning Commission". The men do all the work, cooking and whatnot. So it should be a fun evening.

2. We both will be working Saturday which means we will miss the tailgate party. :(

3. Will have to just listen to the game Saturday night (while friends get to GO to the game, but that's why they are coming from Chicago) so we can get packed and organized for leaving Sunday early.

4. Auction Sunday morning in David City which is offering up some of mom's things she sold to her neighbor when she sold the little white house back in the 80's. Could be a lot of fun. Will see mother-in-law at that time and get her some art supplies from Lincoln.

5. Vacation to OKOBOJI till the following Sunday then. All the knitting is packed and arranged and VERY ready for the trip. Went to Threads yesterday to get the final supplies for the greeting card idea I have that needs a prototype done while we're gone. Bill is more than ready with his fishing gear. Will try to take Guitar Hero with us. Bill wants me to teach him how to do the 'slide' and 'hold down' tricks. HA! Maybe he'll finally get himself off the medium setting and put himself up to the next level.

6. Poor pups have to be boarded the whole time. We're bummed.

7. The shop is full up with work while we are gone, which means that I will be working via cell every day to make sure my plans are being followed through with. Am I being a little obsessive? Probably, but the jobs in-house right now are of the critical nature and high dollar tickets.

Hope to find you all doing well when we get back into the swing of every day life on the 24th.

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