Sunday, July 06, 2008


It was SO cool to sit down at lunch today and see that someone purchased the bridal bible I was so proud of. Extra dollars are always nice to have, like for gas and stuff. :)Then it was time to finish up the project to ship off for my hopeful inclusion in an upcoming publication. The first photo is bad color, the second photo is more realistic. Thought I'd send a little mini-notebook in with it as a thanks for looking at my design. I absolutely ADORE this lining!!! It was so incredibly perfect for the bag. Was able to fit about 4 pockets in this one, including a pocket for a pen which I always seem to never have with me. :)
It was a great weekend all the way around. Super display of fireworks at our daughter's house which outdid our neighborhood by a LONG shot on Friday night. Saturday we went and got our Guitar Hero Aerosmith and that kept us busy most of the evening. Oh MY this one is FUN FUN FUN!!!! (and very very difficult, but I play expert just because it's more fun that way. I'm so mean to Bill.)
LATER EDIT: Watch out everyone for "Back In The Saddle" - OUCH!!! It's a wrist wrecker! But what fun. :) We believe this to be the most difficult of ALL Guitar Hero games released so far and that makes it all the more fun.


Jane said...

What a beautiful bag! I got my grandson Guitar Hero for Christmas last year - maybe I should ask him to teach me how to play it?

Knitted Gems said...

Hubby picked up Guitar Aerosmith the day it came out too. I don't play, but I sure enjoy sitting nearby and listening to all the good music.

Love the bag!

Robin said...

The Bible is beautiful!

I'm no good at video games...just ask my boys!