Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tyler's Tree

I haven't been to the cemetery for a very long time, and with all that has been put on my plate lately, it just felt like a good idea to go this morning on my way to work and re-read the scripture reading for today. We tease within the family that the tree by Ty's grave site always needs a 'shave', just like he usually did. :) This morning only proved that it is still a fact, and the tree needs some pruning as you can see in the photo. And what an awesome site this was and brought out some pretty healthy laughter, yes, outloud in broad daylight!

Sometimes one just has to sit, ponder, reflect and get straight with what God is putting in front of you. And just look how luscious and full his redbud tree is today! And yep, it needs a 'shave'. :)


Marsha said...

I love redbud trees, they are so gorgeous in the fall with those bright golden leaves. Isn't it wonderful those little things that can bring a smile or laughter to our hearts when we need it most.

Season said...

Ha ha! That is too funny! I love that you took a picture for us all to see. It's been awhile since I've been out there. Hope your day is going good!

Season said...

Mom, you won't believe it but they have "shaved" the tree. You can now see the beautiful trunk. The tree is so cute, because for the first time today, I noticed that it is fuller and shorter then the rest in the line. Hee hee! God works in funny ways doesn't he!