Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lancaster County Fair

What FUN it was for the kids to see the farm animals the die-hard 4H-ers always show at the county fair. The llamas were cool, but the goats let themselves get hugged and kissed. Not my thing by a long shot, but these two sure enjoyed petting and getting to know the animals.

And of course, when the animals have been all petted and I got my fill of the needlework entries, the rides can then begin! We only did two rides - it's just too expensive for what it is. But we were all happy as clams with doing the kiddie rollercoaster and the ferris wheel. The little guys did the coaster alone, but here is Dylan with his mom and I got to ride with Raegan. Or should I call her OH FEARLESS ONE!!!!! Yikes, I'd forgotten how ambitious and crazy 6 year olds can be, and have no fear! I made her hold MY hand. LOL

A trip through McDonald's for ice-cream afterwards was the perfect topper to a great evening at the fair, and our 32nd wedding anniversary. You know how much we LOVE ice cream!

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