Sunday, August 17, 2008

More STUFF in Store

After a very long evening of doing all the finishing touches to the items I wanted OFF my sewing table and into the Etsy store, it's finally all complete. A total of 8 new things went into the store tonight and it feels quite liberating NOT to have all this unfinished business lurking about.

The house is clean from yet another open house today, the grands are spending the night with their dad and DD#2 and DH have all parked themselves in their respective chairs or couches. What can you say but...... *sigh*

I'm just so happy to get this off my plate and into a bag to cart out of here. Carole - those market bags are just too fun to make, aren't they! I hope I've priced them correctly in the store. It will be a good test for us.

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Missionary Benedictine Sisters said...

yep, those are fun!! Your little blankets are just lovely! Somebody will snatch them up!