Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Winds of Change

Knowing that we will be forced to move soon isn't the most settling thought in the world: boxes, throwing, recycling, lifting, cramming.........

I used to love rearranging, and experiencing things and places that were new and different. Trying one thing new every day. But after seven years of no rearranging, no moving and settling in, the thought of this kind of disruption in our lives after all the other ones the past 5 years is overwhelming - again.

I keep asking God what could possibly happen next? Where will He have us live? What is he preparing us for? There are good days, but honestly there have been days when even looking outside was more than I could handle. BUT........ I DO know that God has given me the tools to handle the things that come into my life. I just need to USE them - daily.

One of these days I will post some good stuff. :) I have a lot of things sitting on my sewing table again to get finishing touches made on. Opportunities are out there for future sales. Opportunities are happening at my day job. Great things are happening in my part time job, too. So with all these opportunities out there, I have to believe that SOMETHING will work if I just keep hanging in there and working hard.

May God bless each of you who have taken the time to stop and visit here.

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