Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quality Time.... and stuff

After all the snow we have received, it's going to take a few muscles to get everyone's car on the road to work tomorrow. I won't have problems, but that's because our Ford has 4-wheel drive. Just feeling for everyone else who doesn't. Careful everyone.

Was sitting here thinking about how calm the morning was yesterday before the grandkids left to go to their dad's. They had both gotten Nintendo DS' for Christmas from their mom. So they played with those for quite a while. But after a bit, they reverted back to simpler things - shocking huh? All of the sudden Dylan comes upstairs with paper and his drawing pencil, sat himself at the kitchen table and contentedly drew pictures. Raegan put her DS down and decided to snuggle up to see what I was doing (yes, I was slacking) and we decided to work two word-search puzzles together out of a PEOPLE puzzle book I'd gotten as a gift at work. Of course we had to work the 'Troy' (High School Musical) one first. But sitting there and seeing what was happening, these two kids DO know how to be busy AND quiet. Such a long shot from when they come home from visiting their dad's house. .....and then they had to leave.

I have been a little more successful in setting up the wi-fi in the house. I just plain started over. Haven't been real happen how IE works on the old computer, so am trying Mozilla and have accomplished more on the web in the past day than I can even believe!

Shawna's significant other surprised us with a gift Christmas. Out of the blue. He wasn't supposed to do this, that's why we have the mystery bag exchange every year (and yes, he's involved in that, too). He comes bringing up to us a Blu-Ray DVD player with an internet connection so we can watch Netflix on our TV! We haven't had a DVD player forever!!! Ours had broken ages ago and we just didn't afford to replace it. Now how special is THAT? I have found the wireless adapter at and hopefully soon we'll be up and flying. We watched our first movie last night on it: "Burn After Reading". Strange movie, but one I knew Bill would want to see.

I smell the coffee, and the day can now officially get underway.

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