Sunday, August 07, 2011

Mountain Time Zone

After lazily waking up to thunder storms this morning, we started off a fun and relaxing day of travel to the panhandle of Nebraska.

Only one 35 today.... just like yesterday.  But who advertises good looking cashiers?  Thought that was pretty funny.
 And when we went to get some gourmet canned coffee, the front door had this sign overhead.....  Really?  We are nowhere?  After having a good laugh about it, this gas station was obviously playing to the crowd driving through Nebraska that don't LIKE Nebraska.  Back to I-80 and westward to Ogallala, where we thought about maybe staying a night.
 And when we got to Ogallala, THEN we realize what idiots we were thinking that the Front Street of our past was in North Platte.  Our car found its way to the REAL Front Street with the Pizza Hut across the street.  Seeing it was closed, and a lot of the attraction wasn't going to be open on a Sunday, we decided to continue on to our final destination.  Scottsbluff and the Brown Sheep Company.
 Because we didn't study a map all that well when it came to Chimney Rock, we were happily surprised that it was right on our way.  First thing out of the car, Bill says, "Read that sign!"  WHAT???  Rattle snakes?  Not liking this a whole lot....
 So we (me) high tailed it into the information center to read about Chimney Rock.  Yes, Bill made me take this picture.  Kind of does something to the perspective of the area, huh.
 It was only mildly windy and I forgot my sunglasses, but Bill was able to get the shot he wanted.  It's very difficult for him to take pictures with one eye, but he did good.
 The Indians had named this formation "Elk Penis".  Yes, I said that.  Believe me, it was hard to type.  And after leaving the center, Bill had a nice conversation with himself about how the Indians may have named it while sitting around a fire looking at the monument.  If you know Bill, you'll know we were both laughing pretty hard.
This last picture was actually much prettier than it came out.  There were not many clouds in the sky and this little bit of fluff was in a perfect spot.  The scenery out there was breathtaking and really incredible.  The state has the monument completely fenced off because of the erosion that's taking its toll.  Looking at the drawings from the 1800's, it definitely has lost some height and changed shape just a little.

So now we are settled in Scottsbluff for at least two evenings.  Tonight we're taking it easy as we realized that driving and riding in a car even for a little bit is hard on us.  Tomorrow is the big day Bill is giving me - The Brown Sheep Company west of Scottsbluff on the way to Mitchell.  Our waitress at lunch tells us it is going to be a GREAT time for us.  And of course, I had to hand her my business card, as she ended up to be a crafter in her own right.

People - they always have a story to tell.  And we've sure met some wonderful folks.

Enough for today - will have tons to report tomorrow!  Check back when you can.


Bob said...

Gee, Bill must have a magic eye. I need a camera to take pictures.

Season said...

I totally can see your Christmas cards to come! Ha.....with the "You are Nowhere" sign and "Elk Penis" you have a winner! Hahahahaha!