Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Movie and Knitting Day

Had to make one last trip to the Brown Sheep Company this morning - a girl has to when it's sold by the pound and not by the skein.  Can't tell you how much money that got saved, and ooo la la the luscious stuff that got bagged up for round #2.  When I got back, we were going to go fishing at Lake Minatare, but Bill had started watching old movies on TV and didn't want to move.  No problem!  So the only pics to show today is the project that had gotten started this week, and where it came to it's end  -  it got ripped out.  Yeah, I know, it's another blurry pic, rats.
Since no fishing was on the plate, that meant I could dig in my new stash!  Went to Joann's quick to get a different size set of needles and started a new handbag.  This yarn is heavenly and even though it's color is called Oatmeal, think the name of the bag should be "Sandhills Something-or-other".
Yeah, it looks like a big banana shaped thing, but just you wait and see.  Pretty stoked about this one.   Just look at the bulky softness that yarn is sporting!  OOOOOOOOOO, wow.

So we watched a couple more old movies, which was just plain fun to do together.  Decided to pick up and go see one more movie in a theater while we had the chance.  So we had a private showing (yep, we were the only ones there) of "Cowboys vs. Aliens".  Not bad, but not that great either.  Going to have to be pretty good to beat "The Rise of the Planet of the Apes" yesterday.

Plans have been made for the next 4 days.  We're moving out and onward bright and early.  Think we'll have to play iPad darts again tonight though.

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