Monday, May 14, 2007

Another Year of MOPS

Yep, folks, I signed my commitment for another year of mentoring our MOPS group hosted by my church. Even tho this school year is almost up, planning for the new year has already gotten underway. There will be interviews starting this week for new leaders and steering team members and then there's the kick-off Saturday in June somewhere in Kearney again. I won't be able to go to the international convention in Orlando this year, which is sad, but that's the week of our other timeshare at Lake Okoboji. I guess I'm feeling honored they want me back in a leadership position. Can use all of your prayers for a successful school year 2007-08.


Bob said...

Swap out your week in Okoboji. Go to Orlando. In addition to the great MOPS stuff, your niece Heidi misses you.

Karen said...

Never even THOUGHT of that one. That would be up to the lizard whisperer. :)