Tuesday, May 15, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours

Just some updates on what's been happening in the family. Season lost a friend to cancer last week, a young mom of 3 who she had gone to high school with. That funeral is this morning and I will watch her kids so she can go to the funeral. Dawn-Marie was the daughter of the senior pastor at Faith Bible Church. Bill's great aunt passed away last week, too, so he will be going back up to Rising City and David City for the day today to be with his family. This woman hung on to life for 99 years, but she wanted to get to 100 before she went home. She just about made it.

Shawna and kids are still living at our house. Dylan has turned 3 and Raegan 5 since they've been with us. We can't imagine what is going through their little heads through all of this, but Bill and I are not going anywhere and we can at least offer a haven for the three of them for now. A great Omaha zoo day is planned for the 22nd, to celebrate both of their birthdays. We are really looking forward to THAT day! Better have my camera charged up good. :)

I would also ask for your prayers for myself, and this is a pretty selfish request, but there have been days recently where I feel depression rearing its ugly head again. It's a road I've traveled once and would rather not go down it again. So if you could pray for mental and emotional strength during this time, it would be greatly appreciated.

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