Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kindergarten Graduation

Abby is officially graduated from kindergarten! All the kids had speaking parts in the program and of course Abby did great. She spoke slow, loud and clear. Sat there busting my buttons on how well she did. It was a beautiful program telling the story of the butterfly that goes from a cocoon to a butterfly and how each child was put in their family by God on purpose because they are each special. Sometimes it's hard to watch the cycle of time, life, and experiences start over again, but then again it is very rewarding. Abby is a beautiful little girl. I had gotten her a music jewelry box (plays What A Friend We Have In Jesus) for graduation and Season noticed it had butterflies on it, which was more appropriate that I'd expected. And a bonus, something she didn't have yet.
But you know, there's always at least one kid on stage that will keep the audience entertained through the whole thing. Yep, that kid showed up last night and stood right next to Abby. Parents may have been horrified, but we just have to giggle, they are little.
Before going home I stopped over to their house quick after the ceremony which had to include a sword fight with Hunter. He won.
Yeah!!! What an evening. Congrats to Abby! Our little Graduate!

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