Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lifestyle Changes

OK, enough was enough. Thought it was the old 'menopause' thing going on and was honestly hoping so. But doctor confirmed I'm not old in that way yet. :) All those issues are more than likely stress related. OK, I'll deal with it. Then she went on to say that my cholesterol and triglicerides were messed up, when just a year ago they were great for my life insurance physical. Weird. But okay. Onward and upward. I no longer will fall back on the "I'm a Smith girl" and will live to 90 years old. It's going to take a lot of work and a new mindset. And I don't see anyone else out there who will take care of me, but ME. I will go back and see the doc in 8 weeks, hopefully with better levels and a better lifestyle choice. She also said she'd prescribe something rather pricey if I can't quit smoking before I see her again, but I've given myself a 2 week plan in that area. So off I go to the internet, going to learn what I can about this stuff and try to get it right.

You'd all be proud of me tho, I used the treatmill last night and did a dance video (which I found I totally sucked at, crap). House was empty, kids at the park, so cranked the oldies rock station up and sewed one (patriotic one) of the 7 dresses for Raegan. Came out too big, but we'll downsize the rest of them. Hey, at least I didn't turn the TV on, right?

By the way......

This is really a photo of me just WATCHING a treadmill. Believe me?


Michele said...

Best of luck with your lifestyle changes! You're in my thoughts.

Donna said...

You can do it Karen! Don't forget that you DO have a support system. Use us any time!