Monday, June 11, 2007

Progress is a GOOD thing!

Made great progress on both the new diet and sewing Raegan's dresses over the weekend. Can't show you either though. You just have to trust me on the first one, proof will come after Tuesday on the second when we get our little model home from visiting her dad. I will definitely post some of the cutest little dresses I've seen that were home-made modeled by the most adorable 5 year old I know. Only three left to sew for her. What was fun in the process was keeping track of the time on the first one (3-1/2 hours total) to what the second and third one took. Remembering tricks learned eons ago cut my time on each of the other ones almost in HALF! Have to thank mom for being an awesome teacher, and knowing how to make things look good, even when they are home-made. And she was the queen, wasn't she!?!?! I'm anxious to show these to you all.

Forgot to post that I mailed off 3 sweaters last week to Guideposts "Knit for Kids" program. Don't forget to check out their website for different ways to contribute.

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