Monday, August 30, 2010

Mama McBear and Delmar

Meet 2nd all time favorite, Mama McBear and Delmar. This is #7 in my animal introductions and Bearington Bear #6.

Isn't mama just a hoot with her kerchief all tied up on her head? And little Delmar is holding onto a heart while mama has her arms wrapped real tight around him. Mama's hang on so tight sometimes. Sometimes not tight enough. But this little guy isn't going anywhere, is he?!? :)

I figured it was kind of appropriate to introduce them today because my second baby is having her 3rd baby - TODAY. I will sit and be patient, not bother her until SHE says the word it's okay, and respect her and daddy's wishes to make this birth totally their own with no extra people around.

In the society today, it has become more prevalent and more common place for many people to be right there when babies are born. It wasn't like that in my baby days, nor my mother's. Nothing is held as private or sacred these days as compared to years gone by. I have to admit that I'd bought into society's views and thought I'd be there to welcome Gavin into the world, too. And I had been invited to do so earlier. But after the new mommy and daddy discussed how they REALLY wanted things, the door closed. Talk about having to change my thinking! :) But you know what, they are right! This is THEIR time - time to bond and become a new family unit. There will be no video taken, no pictures, no nothing. They've gone old school on us, and I commend them for it.

I was just being a little too much like Mama McBear...... I was holding my baby bear too tight. Yet another apron string has had to be cut. But this is life! And there will be NEW life today that we'll get to meet and greet on his terms.

And needless to say, Delmar is Tyler in my heart. My mind and heart are still sewn tightly around him. And no one can tell me any different on that one.

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