Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Phillipe - The Frog

Wanted to share a FUN animal I have that isn't a bear! Can you believe it? Frogs have so many meanings to me:

#1 - FROG
Fully Relying On God (great reminder)

#2 - The Magician's Nephew (by C.S. Lewis)
Our son Tyler was cast as the frog in the one-act play in high school. The one-act took high rankings at the State Speech Contest that year. So when I look at a frog, I think of Ty and the success he and his team had enjoyed.

But Phillipe the Frog is also a reminder of one of the most memorable trips I was able to take. He came from the Denver Art Museum that my sister to graciously took me to. They were having a special display of Impressionistic Art and I so fell in love with Impressionism from that time on. Phillipe has a book that goes along with him, but it's missing since our move.

But isn't he just the cutest thing ever? He sure means a lot in my treasury of memories.

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Donna said...

I remember it well. We had the BEST time ever on that trip!