Friday, September 10, 2010

Living Up to 100/0 Ratio

I've had an evening of reflecting and thinking. Here are my thoughts for today.

I receive an email once a week at least from Simple Truths. The snippet from the book they were promoting this week was on living and giving the 100/0 ratio: giving and doing at 100%, but expecting 0% in return. Hard thing to comprehend as we all as humans WANT something back for even the tiniest word or gesture. To honestly expect ZERO? NADA? NOTHING? Hard concept. But when you really think about it, it's true and it's the only way to be.

It also reflects the lesson in the book by Shel Silverstein "The Giving Tree". One of my all time favorite books for children that I think a lot of adults should read.

Sure, we all want notoriety and compliments. We're human. As a co-worker you like to be acknowledged for hard work by even one kind word or action. As a friend, a phone call or card in the mail brings a smile and you know they've gotten the message. As a wife, even a thank you is worth it's weight in gold after many years of being married.

But when it comes down to the real way God wants us to live, it really IS the 100/0 ratio. We do for others because we WANT to, not for any type of reward it could or would bring. Hard? Absolutely. Impossible? I'd say no, not if we're living the way Scripture tells and instructs us to.

I write this so that it can be more ingrained in my own mind and heart. It's a tough lesson, but really isn't the bottom line about others? And how THEY are doing? Jesus never put himself first. His heart is for us. Is my heart for others?

Think about it.

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