Saturday, October 20, 2007

HUGE Friday

Yesterday was so packed full of great things, and only a couple of pictures to share from it. Started out with a meeting in the Haymarket at Licorice International pretty darned early in the morning. I got there a few minutes too early, had my camera along, and shot this early a.m. picture.

It was Grandparent's Day at LCS, too, and Bill and I got to go to chapel and lunch with Abby. What a treat every minute was, not only to see how smart and vibrant our granddaughter is, but to see how those K-6th kids can put on programs!!!! They are incredible. I didn't get any pictures because all the kids (200+) on stage were all wearing brown and we were just too far away for us to get a great shot of Abby, also wearing brown.

Mike and Joan are in Lincoln this weekend so I held off on sending her 50th birthday gift. That way I could give it to her in person.

............and her card.

The guys went to Branched Oak all afternooon and had a super time fishing. They both caught some catfish, but Bill won in the weight catagory with a 35 pound catfish! NO KIDDING! They were just flying they were so excited. Joan and I sat at the hotel waiting for them and enjoyed watching a group of 20-something's decorate for a suprise birthday party. Their theme was "Enchantment Under the Sea" and they all needed to dress like an 80's prom. We asked them about how the guest of honor was going to feel not having a dress and they pulled this purple beauty out of a bag (they were prepared) and let Joan try it on! I must say, Joan looks pretty darned cute, huh? :) It was just a LOT of fun and we all had a great time together.

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