Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Knittin'

This is the latest project that is amost completed. Very very cool felted wool purse hanging up to dry while I get the embelishment finished. It's fun to see the bag start out so horribly big, but after giving it a good spin in the washing machine it comes out small, thick and darned CUTE! Have to figure out a good strap for this, the book calls for a chain, but think I'd like to figure out something different. I'm up for good ideas, folks! Season - you have this pattern and you would LOVE doing it! Or is this going to have to be your Christmas present? hee hee Can't wait to line it, too.


Marsha said...

Here's a suggestion for the handle, it's one I've used on another felted bag and I really liked the results I got.

CO 7 sts. {Turn work, K4, yarn forward, sl3 sts purlwise.] Repeat instructions between [] until desired length.

Work last row as:
K2tog, K1, BO 1 st, K1, BI 1 st, P2tog, Bo 1 st. Cut yarn, thread through last st to secure.

Do a swatch and see if you like how it looks, it felts up nicely.

Karen said...

oooooooooo, sounds heavenly! I will give that a try - thanks, Marsh!