Saturday, December 01, 2007

December is HERE!

OK, December is upon us which means Christmas is just around the corner once again. It will be mostly a handmade Christmas this year, except for a buttar (guitar) for Hunter because he misses Dylan's tootar (guitar) that used to be at our house, and a toy of some kind for each of the others.

So get a load of this overgrown TygerLily corner, and this is just the tip of the iceburg as I'm too ashamed to post a photo of what the actual craft room looks like! YIKES! (Season, you've been there, saw it, and you were kind in not telling me to get that junk cleaned up) As I've said before, Bill has been so supportive of me getting some kind of thing going to sell bags and purses.

Being the first weekend in December also means it's the Star City Parade today! I stuck my nose out at 5 this morning to let the dogs do their thing and my heart immediately went out to all those involved in the parade. It is MISERABLE out there! Rainy, cold, supposed to snow - the whole shabang. I can't imagine playing a cold instrument or trying to look princess-like on a float in this junk (well, or anywhere for that matter!). But I will be a faithful Lincolnite and watch it on TV in the comfort of my home. Unless the satellite is still out like it is now, due to weather.

We've made much progress in getting a goodly portion of my crafts sold on eBay. I even found more junk I'd stashed under our bed this week that I'd forgotten about. Hello, my name is Karen, and I am a stashaholic.... well, let's say a RECOVERING one because I'm purging it all OUT! YEAH!!!!! I just pray God will allow me to keep my paper and yarn though!

Time to get more on eBay, to enjoy another cup of coffee, to watch this winter weather roll in and get this weekend off to a productive start.


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