Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tugging On My "Heart Strings"

The beginnings of a new bag - all in my head and morphing as I go. This one is "Heart Strings" and as it comes along, you'll be able to see why the name. The first heart cable is sort of apparent in the center, but just not REAL clear as there is so much other activity going on around it. Isn't that true of our real hearts anyway? :) Keep watching as it slowly makes its way into being a true one of a kind handbag, purse, tote, carry-all, whatever! Who knows! No time to work on it tonight and tomorrow is bleak as 'old man' poker is at our house Friday and the poker area needs to be rid of my very important things. So CLEAN UP is tomorrow night! YIKES! Bill said he would help, and he means well, BUT..... I think maybe some of you understand that when things are in piles, it doesn't necessarily mean it's unorganized, right? I will get to knit while the 'old men' are over Friday. Makes a perfect time for Law & Order (whichever version) and yarn.

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