Friday, December 14, 2007

SO Close!!

I almost sold BlueBelle last night to a business associate and friend who is Christmas shopping for his wife. He wanted to pay me at the office without even seeing it, but I convinced him he needed to see it for real before he buys it. So he drove up to the house (he's from the Hickman area) and he looked at all of them, but he confirmed one of my biggest fears........ just not big enough for his nurse wife. SHOOT! :) He felt bad, but I don't because this time I got good 'guy' feedback and that's important if I want to actually sell these. Bill got in there and tried to sell it, saying it was good for going out in the evenings when the gals don't feel they have to take the whole house with 'em. LOL Forever the salesman, huh? So now HeartStrings is going to get worked on hard this weekend so he can see a bigger purse........ he really wants to buy one! Kind of a nice little boost.

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