Monday, December 03, 2007

Looks Like CSI, Lincoln Style

After running back into the shop last Friday afternoon to grab something or answer a question that was getting asked, who knows now, the old lady fell. Yep, tripped right over the dog who was guarding the door. I knew he was there, just had forgotten. Poor guy, he sure cushioned her fall tho, bless his little heart. Luckily, Kodiak did not get hurt.

So this is what I found when I walked in the back door to work this morning!!!! I about died laughing and this was the BEST part of the whole day for sure. Here comes Marvin, the new guy who made up the "crime scene" after I left Friday, and then cringing that I might be angry he did it.... but everyone assured him that it would be a great laugh and definitely NO hard feelings! He saw I was going to take a picture and wanted to fix my head that had gotten stepped on all day. What a kind employee, huh?
And of course, the boo boo area he marked with a red X. Pretty creative I thought! Just a banged up elbow, I can still knit! I know you were all pretty worried about that part.
So Season, do you think the old 'I've fallen and can't get up' lady could have a homemade cupcake to make everything be better? With frosting, set into a big pan of Joan's "Beat Like Hell" fudge? HUH?

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Bob said...

That's funny! Will send you TWO cupcakes via email.