Monday, May 05, 2008

My Case for Woody

Once upon a time, long long ago, a family brought home a new member of the family from the local Target store. He was pretty big for his age, but everyone fell in love with him from day one. The family named him "Woody". Woody stood about four foot tall, and was strong as an ox. He has withstood many house moves, temperatures and availability of light. No matter what happens around him, whether it be joy or mourning, he stands tall and true - never budging from his stance. Today he is over six foot tall and stronger than ever.
He has become one of the neverchanging aspects of OUR home.

Just wanted to tell a little story about a 20 or so year old tree plant we have in our home. DD#1 left a comment in a previous entry that she didn't see Woody where he belonged. She was right. The one thing that is always with DH & I is Woody. Imagine my shock and horror when I came home from work one day last week and something was odd in the house, VERY odd. But it didn't take long to see that my beloved Woody was missing. Being the calm and cool woman I am, HA, I immediately ran to find him, seeing that he had been placed in the covered porch. ARGHHHH!!! Woody could go into shock! He could get too cold! He could get too much sun! What was DH thinking doing this to dear Woody? Did he think we had to get rid of Woody, too? My mind was swirling. And the first words out of my mouth were, "What in the world are you doing to Woody?" After being assured he wasn't going to stay on the porch permanently, I calmed down - somewhat. Woody belongs in the house with ME. He's been kind of like a guardian of the home, he's always there, never moves. Do any of you have something in your home that just makes you FEEL it's home and it's where you are supposed to be? Well, Woody has done that for our family. It's silly to be so attached to a silly plant, but he has gone through so much with us all, put up with all our shananigans - but he still keeps on standing tall and strong.

There, DD#1, put your mind to ease. I have won this battle of Woody's placement and he WILL return to his rightful spot and go wherever we end up living - hopefully to welcome even the great-grandchildren some day.

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