Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eight Hats All In a Row

After a busy week and a brain that just did not want to function today, I did get the finishing touches on the last of the caps I had done. These are the Newsboy Hats again! Yes, you see EIGHT of them, 4 baby sizes on the top, 4 child sizes on the bottom. As I was too lazy to get my camera, take a picture, crop it, size it, make it pretty, etc. ... I opted to use my phone. Hence the dreary colors shown, when actually they are quite bright and cheerful. Four of these have owners, just looking for buyers for the others.

I did some surfing today to look at what luscious yarns are out there these days and found WAY too many - and the COLORS! Beautiful colors. I restrained myself and bought only one type in "Hawaiian" oranges. I think it could make a vibrant bag or some sort. And of course, it was on sale with free shipping - how could one go wrong with that.

Keep plugging away, everyone! Or as Bob in "What About Bob" says: baby steps, baby steps...... too funny. :)

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