Friday, May 07, 2010

Life's Rollercoaster

Got to thinking today about the cycle of life; life's roller coaster; swinging door; or however you want to look at it. The perfect order of how things work always seems to amaze me.

It came to mind today as two co-workers were dealing with family things during the afternoon; one with a very ill grandfather who needed his family beside him, and another who was alerted her grandson may be born very soon which would call for family gathering also.

Life's passages. Where one life may end, another does begin. Each instance bearing great emotion, and in both there is great love.
There is celebration to beginnings and endings - if we LOOK for it. It's there. God doesn't leave us to deal with joy or grief alone.

It was such a great reminder that every day is a gift, whether it is the first OR possibly the last.

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