Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Addition to "Toothless Wonder"

OK, so I have yet another queer day at work and leave early to visit the 'new dentist'. So I pick this place because of the TV ads and their advertising skills. Let me tell you, it worked and these PEOPLE work. They do not lie.

Of course, me being me, I joke with the first gal that had to deal with me. My age gives me that benefit. But this gal saw right through me. Fear. Anxiety. Laughter was good, but it didn't calm my blood pressure, which she proceeded to take and it was high. OK, time to get real. After a gazillion x-rays (and let me tell you these were WAY cool, especially with a small mouth that gave her fits) and then sitting me down in the chair with a TV in front of me and .... wait... what's that thing she handed me? Why, it's a remote control!! Does this thing work on a TV? Anyway, the doc finally comes in... he's young, he's Indian, great last name, instantly felt at ease. Of course, what do I say? Yes, the first thing out of my mouth is, "Are you going to be nice to me?" He laughed and proceeded to say, "Heck, NO!" I was sold. Totally sold on the man. I hate dentists, the scars left from childhood were understood.

After he took a full 'pick' he sat back and told me what all had to be done. I knew it was bad. The tears started flowing, silently. Behind me comes Kleenex from the tech - she understood me and my anxiety. These people are going to give me my smile back. The entire crew, won me over. How could I not trust them. Each one saw my heart and didn't make fun of me or belittle me as others have done.

Alright, so then I get in the 'finance' office. Now that's scary stuff. I was thinking a certain number, and then she did this and that and with insurance in there, shot me a price. Don't think my heart didn't fly down to the floor. How would I ever swing this one? I owe everyone in the world, paying people little by little (and I mean little), swallowing pride almost every step of every day. But this woman looked me square in the eye and said, "We're going to work this out so you get your smile back." Now don't get me wrong, I still smile. But it's fairly guarded. She said we'll try for credit here and here, and if that doesn't work, we'll go here. I stopped her in her tracks and said.... "Sweetheart, it isn't going to fly. We've lost it all. We're up to our ears in debt. It won't work." Do you know what she did? She smiled at me and said - DON'T WORRY! Don't worry? What? After getting denied by two loan places (duh, called that one) she pulled a deal out of her hat that said "affordable" to me. What? Me? It's going to happen?

I have to be honest. This place makes me WANT to go back. The stuff that goes on in the exam rooms is still going to be there, but the people are really what made the difference to me here. They are real, compassionate, people oriented folk.

And once my new car, oops, I meant my new MOUTH is paid off the doc actually gave me hope of having straight and white front teeth! Now there's a salesman if I ever saw one. :) But they gave me hope, they showed me light and that little bit of a boost in self esteem I needed.

Grateful? You bet.
Priceless? No, the checkbook shows it's not. LOL

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