Sunday, July 25, 2010

At least it's CLEAN!

Woke up at my usual time this morning, actually happy that I did! After taking a nap of gargantuan proportion yesterday, I was ready to get things going. Didn't think to take pictures of the bare room before I got the furniture put into place from the kids old bedroom upstairs. But here are some shots of the "BEFORE", before yarns, fabrics, patterns, instruction books.... all enter my new guest room/creating room. I hate to say craft, and I hate to say sewing, and it's definitely not a knitting room....... but I know me well enough, it will just be called the downstairs bedroom. Now how boring is that. YOU all come up with a better name!!!

Look at that daylight window down here! It's like being upstairs and with tons of natural light.Talk about a perfect closet for stashing fabrics and yarns - and all the necessary creative STUFF!
OK, so now comes the hard part, and that's finding the perfect quilt of my mom's to put on the bed, get some extra storage pieces I've stashed in the garage down here and placed in the perfect spots, bring in some COLOR (it's SO drab right now) and get the creative party started! Think I've told myself enough times that if the space is right, and you have the right tools, then there's NOTHING that's going to stop me.

I used to have a craft room that totally rocked all craft rooms in our dream house. But you know what? God has given me a second chance at having a special room again. AND be able to have a place where company can park it if they want.

I am TRULY blessed.

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