Monday, November 05, 2007

From the weekend......

The little kids came over Saturday so their mom and I could go to Sam's and guess what grandpa had in store for them outside before we left! Letting the cattails from the pond explode in their hands like dandelions. Poor Dylan was getting it all up his nose so if they get sick, it's not MY fault! Got that grandpa! LOL They were having so much fun and I hated to say no, even though there was so much 'cattail' stuff everywhere afterwards. So I didn't - I watched and took pictures and kept my mouth shut - letting them have their harmless fun. :)
I did a lot of knitting over the weekend, but nothing is finished. Just in progress, which is a good thing. This is the first of 5 strips to be done for Haley's wedding in May. I blocked out a little of it so you could see how pretty the hearts and tulips came out. There was some work done on the 'formal boot bag' also, but there is a lot of handwork to it to get it to be what I WANT it to be so.... that meant loading the printer that works onto the computer that works. There needs to be printed tags on the projects I finish and just wanted those fabric tabs done (even though it took over an hour to load the printer software) as it hinders me from the finishing touches. Kodi, our resident shop dog, needs a hunting sweater, too, so that got started and almost done over the weekend. (Thank you to TCM for Gone with the Wind and Jezebel and Rebecca) That is in Hunter Safety Orange and when he models it, I'll post it. He's a gorgeous chocolate lab and has a November hunting trip planned, so he'll want it. LOL Have to take final measurements so his hiney doesn't hang out too bad. :D

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