Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Updates

Good morning to everyone! Here it is Sunday again with no blogs all week, not keeping y'all updated on things that are happening around the zoo. Have a cup of coffee (here's my new favorite cup I got from Sue on her latest trip to California) and sit back.

With all the recent eBay-ing I've done in trying to get rid of stuff' around here, it's been very interesting to find what is worth trying to sell, and what stuff isn't worth even a penny. It's been very informative and educational, sometimes surprising and sometimes disappointing. But such is life, a rollercoaster as grandma says in "Parenthood", one of my favorite lines and moments from that movie.

In cleaning up photos on the computer and the camera, I came across this silly one of Jack after Halloween. Looks like it is his costume to be a platypus. Poor guy, you'd think he lived in a house of pranksters. But he is the most forgiving and loving dog that he may have been laughing right along with us, just enjoying a silly moment.

Updates on projects which have sat too long unattended, hoping that just posting in public will help me get moving and get them completed.

This is going to be a market bag from a knit-a-long I'm involved in from the BagStyle book. Yes, the fiber is hemp, but there is a little wool in it so it's not as scratchy as all that macrame' cord we all used to use for hanging plants! Remember those days? YIKES!

This is the update on Kodiak's sweater (the shop lab). He didn't get it for his hunting trip with his dad last week, but he wasn't mistaken for a deer and came home safe without his Safety Orange gear. All that's left is the ribbing around the whole perimeter and ribbing for his 2 front legs.

This is the Formal Boot Bag, from the same KAL for BagStyle, that is in the final stages. Need to keep sewing (ick, by hand) the band around the center and get a good idea for getting a good lining going with plenty of pockets and pen holders. Wish I didn't mind the hand sewing so much, it might have been done by now. :) But it is getting there and will probably end up being a Christmas present.

The Brea Bag is ready to have the same done to it, sew it together and get a pretty lining into it. Shawna really likes this one, so she may be getting this for Christmas. This was an incredibly fun pattern to knit up, but can you tell I can get the knittin' done, and then stall on the hand sewing of stuff? What can I say, but that it's not from NOT having enough coffee around! LOL

There was a movie on last night that I'd been meaning to watch for awhile now, called "Facing the Giants". After having a week as we'd had this past week, yes - a rollercoaster, this was the perfect movie to watch to get things back into perspective. I would highly recommend this to anyone who not only enjoys football movies, but to anyone who has maybe lost vision, hope, perspective or deals with fear. This is one movie that should be in our home video libraries.

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