Sunday, November 11, 2007

Going thru KW (knitting withdrawal)

Here it is Sunday, and the needles haven't even been touched, not even ONCE! But if any of you are following my eBay escapades, you will notice I've cleaned out 1/2 of my hall closet and about an 8 inch pile of crafting patterns (only a football field length to go). There were some things found in that closet tho that I just can't let go of as these were meant to be gifted out, and will still do that, even though it was an emotional struggle - keep to give away or sell to clean out!

Got to enjoy Season and her kids yesterday and will be having dinner with Shawna and family this evening. Our first time to their bungalow. Keep us all in your prayers.

Hope every one of you are having a wonderful weekend.

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