Saturday, April 19, 2008

Breaking to Blog :)

It's been quite a week around here. I was feeling terribly old this morning, so it was time to sit back a moment and count a few blessings to cheer the old gal up.

Today is the Husker Red-White Spring Game and it's sold out! New coach, hopefully new results this year. So this means DH is down at the shop hoping to snag a buck or two letting people park in our lot.

I don't quite know where this fits into the past few weeks, but I found it posted on our DD#1's blog of her DS! Is this a kick or what?

I get a REAL joy out of the photo of the two grandkid and ALL THIS CHALK!!!!! We all know that DH would have a royal fit if this were on his driveway or patio - and it's just chalk for crying out loud. *giggle* This is quite the masterpiece.

Last weekend was Hunter's big 5 party. One of the best parties we've ever been to. His daddy is quite the outdoor chef and we ate like royalty.
Of course, no party is complete without DD#1 showing off her cake making abilities. This Monster Jam cake was huge and look at all the trucks and cars she fit on the top. Half chocolate, half white and we got to take some home. Of course I had it devoured within 24 hours. Nope, didn't share either.

Hunter got the noisiest gift yet from his aunt and uncle and some of their close friends. He looks pretty good behind the trap set, doesn't he? I hear his sister enjoys singing while she plays them. I'd like to hear THAT!

And I have to show off DD#1's incredible sewing skills yet again. Is this not the most adorable diaper bag? This gal's got skills, as Napoleon Dynomite says.

When we were driving home from the "Go Fish Guys" concert with the kiddos, driving through Havelock is always fun and interesting. And what do we see this trip but the infamous "Major Award" leg lamp in the Joyo's window! It pays sometimes to just gawk around and take in the scenery. Never know what's around the corner.

When we got home, we were so tired, but knew there was still some things we could accomplish before hitting the pillow. My laptop has a virus on it (yep, after visiting a 'sell your time-share' site, crap) so I sat for a bit trying to work on getting it fixed. I don't type on it at all, so I just read e-mail and checked the Etsy store. BEST NEWS of the day came in the e-mail from my sis down Florida way. Praise God her biopsy came back benign! I was so excited I just sat and cried for joy, literally. It was a wonderful way to end the day.

On to doing more storing, packing, cleaning and ebaying today.

I am so thankful for my family.


Marsha said...

Looks like it was a really good day!! And glad to hear about your sister and all is well.
Mr. C wants one of those lamps so bad...LOL

Anonymous said...

All these wonderful pictures of family would sure cheer me up! I LOVE the chalk masterpiece.
And I agree, your DD#1 is quite a talented lady. Her cake and bag look great.

Hope you are feeling better.