Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ah, the peacefulness of Sunday mornings. There is nothing that compares to the special kind of quiet this day brings. Today it's sunny and cool and there are no plans to even leave the sanctuary I call home. Getting older does have its advantages in that area and today I will say 'yeah' to my age and situation in life.

The auction held last night on behalf of Friendship Home was a success on many levels. Not only will this organization be receiving a great donation, but some of my own faith in mankind has been restored. Maybe only a little, but none-the-less in better shape than when I went into this project. Yes, you may be asking yourselves what kind of building we were in here, but it was held in one of the cleanest barns in the world, I'm sure. The other side of the barn was filled with 9 different types of chili, fixin's, snacks and desserts.

I think I'm tired, but it's a good tired, one that comes after doing something worthwhile. Now if I could just find someone to volunteer to do all my ironing! Kidding, kinda.

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